Just in Case giru Sets a Precedent…

It would seem that what started out as a few b-average, slightly disappointing releases has developed into a straight-up crisis in the grumpy wonderland of Visual Kei. Disappointment begins to develop into suspicion, which becomes paranoia, which becomes pressing your headphones into your ears as hard as you can, head cocked slightly to the side, thinking to yourself, I know they’re about to use that crappy synth….wait for it…wait for it… You don’t have to worry until you start feeling a glowing sense of self-satisfaction whenever such neurotic obsessions are fed.

However, dark times such as these happen, and we are left un-fulfilled by the big-name boys for whom the pressure is apparently becoming too much to deal with, to the point that they would rather fail repeatedly than regroup, re-assess, and be reborn in a tide of awesomeness and singles gushing with solid rock, oozing masterful metal, and practically vomiting creativity and inventiveness that makes us want to die, our fingers mashing the repeat button.

In these dark ages, it becomes apparent that our own creativity and inventiveness has a need to come out. If Visual Kei record labels refuse to dish up the goods straight, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, find your best set of headphones, crank up the volume, and you guessed it– branch out a little.

In some ways I actually find it really fun when it starts getting to this point. Just sort of knowing who you like and what you’ll buy, what you’ll listen to, the same artists on your iPod all the time, even if the music stays awesome, you have to admit it’s sort of boring. If there’s more amazing music to be discovered, there’s no point in thinking what you have is enough.

I know that originally I said that I was going to be returning to all of my old CDs and re-listening, re-appraising, and possibly reviewing; but actually I’ve been much more drawn to discovering new stuff than trying to get it going with my old collection once more. It seems like finding new artists is such a no-brainer remedy for this predicament to begin with. Maybe once you stop obsessing over everything The GazettE releases, and listen to something different for a while, you’ll have craving to go back, and then it will be refreshed automatically. Who knows, let’s give it a try.

I still think girugamesh should apologize for COLOR.


5 responses to “Just in Case giru Sets a Precedent…

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  2. I’m hooked on discovering new artists right now. I’m especially loving M. Renon is a seriously good song.

    Plus, there’s some kind of exhilarating rush that comes over me when I’m combing through YouTube videos, looking for something fresh and exciting.

    • Renon is an awesome song. I particularly enjoyed the PV for it, as well. It was so grungy and low-budget, and I thought it was cool because it brought everything back to this real rock’n’roll feel.

      It’s even more exciting when you actually feel READY to discover something mind-blowing. It’s fun because it gets all kinds of new channels flowing that weren’t going before because we thought we had it going on. Unearthing an amazing band in the cesspits of Youtube is extremely satisfying and fulfilling.

      By the way — your iPod is feeling like it could loosen its belt a bit? I only have about 2/4 of my music on mine at this point….And EVER, and NAKED ARMS, and MONSTERS, and TORTURE are all about to come out… Do we have a gameplan for dealing with this?

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