GACKT Puts New Meaning in ‘Waiting forEVER’

The word ‘update’ is no longer worthy of describing these dramatic plot twists in the ongoing epic drama that is the narrative of trying to finally acquire a copy of GACKT’s new single, Ever. These are ‘developments’.

In any case, the latest development is an economic disaster. I have ‘been informed’ that for anyone shopping at CDJapan (I don’t know if this applies to other vendors as well), if you buy both the limited edition and regular editions of Ever, you will be qualified to receive another external bonus (along with the original changeable jacket). The bonus is a special making-of [Ever] DVD that will only be available through the methods of showering Avex with your monetary support by buying two copies.

The DVD will become available to ship sometime in August or September (you’ve waited this long, a few more months won’t kill you– or maybe they will, Avex doesn’t care). The DVD is free, but you will be charged a shipping fee.

If you haven’t ordered your copy [copies] yet, I recommend doing so before the first-press with bonuses sell out.

Ever [Regular Edition / Jacket B] / GACKT

Ever [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Jacket A] / GACKT

In the meantime, in the tradition of all the latest posts on Secret Garden, we’ll do nothing particularly productive, but rather spend word-count on critiquing the album artwork.

EVER Regular Vers.

Somehow I have a feeling that someone, somewhere on the web, is laughing at you, GACKT. Honestly, I think that this is one of the most surprising of his album covers. I mean, sure it doesn’t pack shock-value like Koakuma did, but it has its own way of stunning and killing a few braincells. First of all, let me say how much I like this cover. I think the doubling effect is quite neat, the font is totally awesome, and everything about GACKT’s stance, outfit, and facial expression is too cool.

The Michael Jackson homage is too blatant to be real, I know. That’s part of what surprised me at first. Despite being really classy, the cover just doesn’t feel…like GACKT. However, because it doesn’t feel like his usual stuff in such an awesome way, to say it’s fresh and interesting would be more apt than ‘out of place’. He’s really been…creative with the album artwork lately. I’m highly suspicious of anything GACKT releases with a pink cover, but I’m not passing any judgments until I hear the finished product.

This cover is so much more interesting than…

EVER Limited Vers.

And then there was Belskard. Enough said.

Yes, I know I gave him the wrong fictional name. It has been rectified.


9 responses to “GACKT Puts New Meaning in ‘Waiting forEVER’

  1. ugh, could Avex be anymore greedy with all there bonuses and multiple editions.

    I like the regular ver. cover of EVER. Definitely caught me by surprise but after Koakuma Heaven and Faraway (both versions), I now learned to brace myself for GACKT covers whatever they may be. Lately a lot of artists have a cover dedicated to the single’s tie-in.

    • Well, it is a bit of a pushy tactic, although I’m always glad to have any excuse to support GACKT– personally, I’m not interested enough in a making-of to buy two copies of the single, especially since GACKT just released so many compilations and re-pressings and so on, we’re already practically committing economic seppuku for the man as is.

  2. It’s taking forever waiting for “Ever!”

    The covers are radically different for sure. I like the first one best, because I’ve never seen him do anything like that. He looks nice in a fedora.

    • He looks about 18 years old in a fedora.

      I notice no one is mentioning anything about the second cover. Is that because it’s totally boring by general consensus?

  3. The second cover is the “usual” stuff even though it’s the LE so not very exciting. Thought it’s not the first time that I have felt the regular cover was better. The 2 covers are vastly different so I’m not really sure how they both fit in with the song itself.

    I don’t mind having to buy both copies for the bonus but I’m taken aback by the extra fee due to the different shipping date. So this free item is not really free. Shipping usually isn’t so bad but it’s international mail and even the lightest items cost $$$.

    • I agree, lately I’ve been finding that in many instances I prefer the regular cover to the LE cover. I’m wondering about the imagery as well. The regular cover cues you in to the FARAWAY, KOAKUMA HEAVEN kind of songs, while the LE cover is right back to REDEMPTION style stuff. Not having heard any kind of preview, I really have no idea what it’s going to turn out to be. GACKT’s theme song work usually tends to be awesome, so I’m just trying to put my faith in that and hope it doesn’t turn out sounding REALLY “OP-ish”.

      The shipping fee is kind of surprising. Maybe they’ll give a slightly discounted fee as opposed to the $7 or $8 it usually is? You would hope they could at least do that.

  4. Yes, agree with your thoughts on the covers and the indication they each give. We’ll just have to wait for a preview I guess. I hope he’ll tease us with one.

    Hopefully the shipping will be discounted. The shipping fee is like buying another CD. It’s actually more expensive than MIYAVI’s newest single, “TORTURE”. The LE version is 3x the regular version but I’m tempted by the bonus!! Oh these bonuses will be the end of me someday. I do want to order it with the rest of the other CDs but doesn’t look like it’s available for preorder yet.

    • Ah, a while ago I pretty much stopped listening to all of the teaser previews for GACKT’s releases. Even at risk of falling a little bit behind everyone else, I like to be able to hear my GACKT songs for the first time right off the disc so that I can get the full experience.

      Looks like TORTURE is available for pre-order now. Only 476¥? That’s what I like to hear! Although, you’re right. the DVD sounds like something worth getting. In my personal opinion anyway, live footage or tracks are always in high demand.

      • Yea, it looks like you’ll be behind everyone a bit for Ever since there was already a broadcast of it on Nico Nico. But the Cd will be released in about 2 weeks so the wait is not horrible.

        Since the LE version of TORTURE includes footage from NY, I’m definitely interested. Have you seen the video MYV shared via twitter? It was cool to hear him talk about his dreams and plans in English.

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