TMR Naked Arms / Sword Summit / Nosebleed

Despite the crazy release schedule for this summer/fall in the world of Jrock, Jpop, and Visual Kei, I think that there’s a certain voice in particular that some of us, at least, have been missing. I’ll give you a hint: he can wail and warble like nobody’s business.

Well, get down on your knees and give thanks. T.M.Revolution will be gracing us all with his tremulous tenor talents on August 11th with the release of Naked Arms / Sword Summit. The song is being used as the second intro theme for the PS3/Wii game Sengoku Basara 3 (he has previously done work for this game with abingdon boys school) and intro theme for the anime take, Sengoku Basara 2.

Check out the CM preview for the single:

Personally, I think that TMR is looking better than ever. His outfit is cool enough to make the best-dressed out there feel like they’re wearing sweatpants and a jersey, and the tough sub-masculine image works wonders for the fashionisto.

The CM is quite cool. If Jrock PVs get any more aerodynamic and stylish I might have a nosebleed. The black and white themes all over the place are so clean and timelessly cool, and I am particularly liking it for TMR because a certain someone has a bit of a history for over-the-top flashiness and outrageous PVs. Now that he’s more of an ani in the J-music scene, I appreciate this more mature (yet still totally rockin’) image, and alongside GACKT’s recent styles, I have to say I think this is one of my favorite looks out there right now.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the full single, as Naked Arms sounded especially cool. I think it would be safe to say that we always know we can leave it to Nishikawa Takanori to always keep up the standard.

The single will be released in 3 versions:

Regular Vers.

This is my least favorite cover out of them all. Honestly, I think something about how it’s been shot is kind of unflattering.

Anime Vers.

This one, however, gets my approval 100%.

Game Vers.

This cover is also awesome. I really like how they steadily zoom in on his image and get gradually more flattering.

All versions first-press edition come with a poster (which is hopefully not of the regular version cover)– which I want, just throwing that out there.

Pre-order and get your poster (I didn’t list it first for any particular reason) and a sick new single: Naked arms / Sword Summit [w/ DVD, Limited Edition (Animation Ver.)] / T.M.Revolution

Video credit: test69rock

Image credit: TMRevolution official Twitter @TMR15


12 responses to “TMR Naked Arms / Sword Summit / Nosebleed

  1. Excited to finally see something new from TMR. The first cover is my least favorite as well. Do you know if CD Japan is the only store giving away posters? I think Amazon Japan is including some kind of sticker and a random card. from 3 kinds. Although I was not initially interested in the regular version, it’s noted on Amazon Japan that it is the only version to include Naked arms -English ver. They really know how to milk these multi releases.

    • Yes, I’m really glad to see something new from him as well.

      I’m pretty sure CDJapan is the only place offering the poster. I usually shop with them because they often have exclusive bonuses that other places like YesAsia, HMV, and Amazon JP don’t get.

      Yes, they really are always mixing up the tracks, artwork, DVD, contents, and bonuses so you can never just buy one version and have it be exactly what you want. You always have to buy multiple copies so you can get all the tracks and everything… Jrock is an ongoing economic crisis.

      • I’m tempted to give CDJapan a try since the shipping charges seem reasonable via FedEx. Have you had to pay customs fees for your orders? It has never happened to me with my purchases via YesAsia or Amazon JP but I’m afraid of how much I’d need to pay extra if I got hit with a fee.

      • The shipping charges are reasonable, and it’s usually pretty quick (sometimes I’ve gotten orders in 4 days). In my experience with them, I have never been required to pay any customs fees. I’m not really sure under what circumstances you would have to pay them– I wonder if it has to do with how much stuff you buy/ what country you’re shipping to.
        I have always had a positive experience with CDJ, and I highly recommend them. :)

      • 4 days is faster than many deliveries within the states! It’s reassuring to hear of the positive experiences with CDJapan. I think the amount of stuff was also mentioned on other blogs as a potential customs fee trigger for Amazon JP. I’ll try to stay under $100 on my first try to see how things go (Back story on the customs fee fear – My friend was “slapped” with a 5000 Yen customs fee once in Japan for a pair of boots that only cost about $100. Having never been asked for a customs fee I thought the delivery guy was referring to the delivery fee, which was about 5000 yen, but after more discussion we realized that it was a different 5000yen)

      • It’s totally a bummer to end up getting charged fees like that, I know. Since you’re buying things like CDs, in small quantities, I think you should probably be fine. :)

  2. Its great to be getting a new TMR release. I’m just now getting into him (as well as a.b.s), thanks to you, so I’ve had his entire discography to hold me over while I wait. The new single looks and sounds great, and I’m such a fan of his over-the-top flashy PVs. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be reviewing this.

    • Really glad that you’ve been converted to the way of Nishikawa Takanori! My respect for him as an artist and a person is extremely high, and it wouldn’t be going too far to say that in the world of music he has the Midas Touch.
      I’ll be looking forward to your review! I’ll most likely be doing this one as well, so it will be cool to compare opinions.


    I love this man’s music, hell he is the reason I got obsessed with J-music. Can’t wait to see the PV (or PVs since its double A-side) and I loving the covers, at least the Anime and Game Ver.

  4. I’m pretty devasted right now. Yesterday I saw that they had four posters left. As soon as I left work today, I went and put money on my card to buy it. I discovered that they are out of the posters. *HEARTBROKEN* I really wanted to get the poster!!! I will still buy the regular edition though. <3

    • Damn! I feel your pain! I didn’t get one either, so I know what it means to lose this poster. (According to my comments in the post, I wanted it more than the single…). It’s true that it can be a gamble getting your limited editions and first-press copies…and it can be difficult to know whether they’ll sell out in a snap, or drag on long enough to let you get one!
      Sorry to hear the bad news. Hope you enjoy the single anyway!

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