ADHD: Attention Deficit HIZUMI Disorder?

MONSTERS album cover

D’espairsRay just posted a new video message on their Facebook page. They (being Tsukasa) addressed the fact that they have just finished shooting the new PV, which is, according to Karyu, the most aggressive PV ever filmed on the face of the earth.

“The guys recorded one video in which they looked VERY tired… and so they tried to “take it up a notch” and that’s why you get to hear HIZUMI’s creepy voice.” – Video caption

Honestly, I don’t think they looked any less tired in this video. Zero looks about to collapse at any minute, and I can’t tell if Karyu is wearing white contacts, or if his eyes are perpetually rolled into the back of his head. Hizumi, on the other hand, exhibited obvious signs of ADD.

Tsukasa pretty much takes over the whole message, and you can practically see him jabbing the other members in the ribs whenever he’s like “And then….Zero, what about you?”

It’s no surprise, though. The band has surely been hustling to get the album finished up, PVs shot, and get everything prepared for the US tour– which can’t be a walk in the park. Speaking of which, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, I recommend doing so as quickly as possible, as shows are already starting to sell out.

Note to everyone in the US – new studio album Monsters will be available for digital download via all major MP3 stores, including AmazonMP3 and iTunes. The band will post links to where you can buy the album digitally. Monsters goes on sales on July 28th.The physical album will be available at all the usual hubs, so if you want all the plastic trimmings, or need to sleep with it on your pillow, pre-order it at CDJapan to ensure it gets to you in a timely fashion.


6 responses to “ADHD: Attention Deficit HIZUMI Disorder?

  1. poor guys they do look tired!! (but I had to giggle when Hizumi started sliding down in his chair…)

    my tickets arrived 2 days ago!! woohooo!!!

    • Yes, Hizumi monkeying around in his chair definitely had my eyebrow raised through almost the whole video.

      Awesome! Now that you’ve had a taste of Jrock lives there’s no going back, is there? I spent most of today trying to organize and get plans together for their show…so they had better not be tired when I finally make it to NY!

  2. there is no back…there is only forward! ^_^

    i’ve also learned from my first experience…i’m gonna start early on the shirts for this concert (and due to that lil video message i think i’ve decided on a “Zero Monster” shirt for myself!)…no staying up til 4am the night before this time!! i will also be prepared for the 8hr wait with fully charged phone battery and ipod on hand..

    Now if only The GazettE would come to town.

    • It’s true, once Jrock takes hold, it’ll never let go… I have to say, it’s been really enjoyable and refreshing talking with you lately– I recently reached my “mid-life crisis” of Visual Kei, where I started to feel jaded to a lot of it. Being around your fresh enthusiasm, and having to think “what really grabbed me when I first got into all of this?” has encouraged me to get back to more of a mental reboot in a way– so I owe you one!

      I’ve found that there’s definitely a learning-curve with lives. I’m seeing that the more you go to, the easier and more fun they’re able to become. You learn what worked and what didn’t work, and then you can apply that in order to have increasingly better experiences. My base philosophy around attending shows is trying to stay as aware and present as possible, and be really conscious of what my priorities are, so that by the end of it I don’t have any regrets or “should have”s.

      All I have to say about that last note is, we’re so ready for The GazettE it’s not even funny anymore.

      • Well, I’m glad to be giving back a little bit then…because I really appreciate your and @Sakurayumeblog’s friendliness and helpfulness..I feel like there’s so much I’ve missed (where the hell have i been?!) and there’s so much new stuff coming out…It’s like I’m drowning in Jrock…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.. But I was feeling a bit frantic (did i give off a strung-out chihuahua vibe at all?) until your recs gave me a starting point…you both made me realize that Jrock isn’t going anywhere and it’s ok to breathe (every now and then) while making my way through “The Righteous List”…So, I’m pretty sure we’re even. n_n

      • Things just enter your life when you’re ready for them– right now, you’re ready to take on the world of Jrock, so here it is!

        It can be overwhelming at first, but that’s also part of the fun of immersing yourself in it– at least it was/is for me. I recommend getting your bearings, just pick one place (one band, even) to start with and go from there. Don’t worry about the new stuff that’s coming out, just go where your ears lead you and follow through with what you really find yourself enjoying.

        Don’t worry, the chihuahua vibe wasn’t TOO apparent. It is a good idea to breathe, and even find time to eat and sleep if you can pull yourself away from the endless depths of PV after PV on Youtube.

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