MIYAVI Live in Boston: Merchandise

The full report is almost finished, don’t worry! I didn’t rest at all when I got home, I just raced in from the car and started blogging and uploading pics. Uploading and editing the pics took a little longer than expected, which is why the write-up isn’t finished yet. Should be up today or tomorrow at the latest. In the meantime, here are some shots of the merchandise available for this  tour.

Poster (sorry, I cropped it slightly)

I was slightly disappointed when reading other live reports from this tour, as some of the other locations didn’t get the poster as an option. Was quite glad when I saw that they did have it, although it came at the cost of the missing wrist-bands.

Men's T-shirt

The back of the men’s T-shirt. They always call the white t-shirts “girls'” and the guys’ sizes “unisex” which doesn’t make sense to me. They should just say M and W, because that’s what they are. The white T-shirts and girl’s tank-tops were both sold in junior (AKA Japanese) sizes, and the “unisex” shirts ran S,M,L in normal (male) American sizes.

Guy's (technically ALL clothes are unisex if you think about it the way these people apparently do) tank-top

Front of the guy’s tank-top. The front is the same as the T-shirt, but the back doesn’t have the locations listed on it, just the MYV382 emblem up by the nape. The S is a little big on me (don’t say anything, I know, I know…), which I usually cannot abide, however in the case of tour-shirts I make special allowances. Wish they had an XS, though.

Just as a side note, the girl’s tank-tops were a different style. They looked like that ordinary stretchy ribbed fabric. Fabric on this one, as you can see, is just straight cotton.

Detail of the shirt graphics

I also got the pen as a last-minute impulsive decision, and I’m actually really glad that I did. It writes really smoothly, and is a good quality tool. I didn’t think I would actually end up using it, but I figured even once the ink runs out I can keep it.

If you tip it upside down, the guitar drains so that he's holding a katana instead. BA.

Here are several pictures of the MIYAVI tote bag which has been an insanely popular item for the tour. I didn’t pick one up, personally, because money doesn’t grow on trees, and because I already have a Visual Kei tote bag which doesn’t need unfair competition.


I do really dig the graphics on the bag. The shirts are all really busy, graphic-wise, but the emblem here is so crisp and clean, and the way the font for the kanji is designed makes it look so cool. I also really like just the straight-up no frills -MIYAVI- printed at the bottom.

”]Tote-bag images by 藤島明輝子さん (Fujishima Akiko-san). Thanks very much  for letting me publish these on Secret Garden!

Poster: $10, pen: $10, tank-top/t-shirt: $30. I think people were hoping the tank-tops would be cheaper than the t-shirts. Well, they weren’t. I also overheard some people talking in the merchandise line about how why should they spend $30 on a tank-top when they could buy the base shirt for $2 at Walmart and just write MIYAVI’s name on it. I covered this issue previously in a post, but since hearing that remark Friday night, and now that we’re talking about merchandise, I guess I’ll mention it again.

It is true that you could probably make your own T-shirt for less than they sell for at the merchandise stand at a show. It’s true that you can custom-make your own posters using some services now. With the added availability of photoshop and other editing software, you can even probably make it look pretty legit. However, when you custom-order a MIYAVI-themed T-shirt from some company, maybe it costs you $15 instead of $30. That’s $15 that goes to some random company you could care less about. In my eyes, I’d rather be an extra $15 or $20 or $30 poorer and know that the extra cost is going to supporting the artist who I truly admire. In the 2.5 hour show, the gift that MIYAVI gives with his time, energy, and performance is so truly priceless, that by the time you stagger back to the merchandise stand for the final time before heading out into the moonlit streets of some dingy random neighborhood, there’s no way you could feel like you could ever give back what you received.


8 responses to “MIYAVI Live in Boston: Merchandise

    • Haha, thanks for the encouragement. American sizes annoy me, though, especially in super generalized brands that make the custom shirts like this; they always size up. When I was in Japan, an S size was actually fitted properly for the slender man’s torso. Not everyone can be the Hulk, and pretty much no one over there wants baggy clothes. But as I said, it’s all fine by me. ;) And besides, I somehow think MIYAVI’s tank-top was customized to fit an XXS, so it wouldn’t have fit him properly either.

      I’m def glad I got the pen. When I made my first merch run, I didn’t think I really wanted it. But once you’ve actually seen the show you tend to change your mind about things like that. Also, it actually has a pic of MIYAVI rather than just words.

    • The pen gets more epic every day, it seems. Cartridge is replaceable, clip is removable, the guitar drains out so that he’s holding a katana- as noted in the picture. I hope that tomorrow I discover that when you write “MIYAVI” a certain way it actually transforms into a NEO TOKYO SAMURAI BLACK mecha…

  1. That pen actually looks like it could take an ink replacement. So when your ink runs out, you can just buy a new ink cartridge (or tube, depending what it uses) instead of just letting it sit around empty. (^__^)

    • Ah…you’re right! XD It does take replacements (I also discovered, while twisting various parts of the pen, that you can remove the clip. Just as a side-note). Now I can write with wild-abandon for the rest of my days.

  2. Hahaha, unlike the last time, I actually managed to resist the merchandise table. :p Tbh, there wasn’t anything that I particularly liked besides the tote bag and I already have one of those from his previous tour (THIS IZ THE JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK TOUR). I thought the shirts were quite costly too…and it’s not like the design was mind blowing. Then again, I also have a tour shirt from the previous tour so…the pen however, looks pretty cool! I wouldn’t have minded getting that or a wristband. :)

    • Well…Thank you for so unabashedly denouncing my prized MIYAVI merch. No, I’m joking. I can understand not liking the selection, especially if you already have merchandise from a previous tour. To be honest, I think everyone was kind of disappointed with the offerings this time. I’ve been talking with some people who have attended lives in Japan, and they pointed out that T-shirts are just the bottom tier of merch offerings over there. Not to sound like an ingrate, but we didn’t get that many options, and if they had had a wider selection, I (and presumably many others) would definitely have bought more stuff.
      They didn’t have the wristband at the Boston live, which bummed me out a little, as that was the thing I was most looking forward to getting. I’m really glad I got the pen, though! It makes for a surprisingly awesome compensation prize.

      The shirts don’t have a mind-blowing design, it’s true. (Although honestly, how good can they get?) I guess for me it’s more of a symbolic thing than a fashion-forward one. Like getting a stamp in your passport or something, it’s a physical, wearable stamp that clearly says where you’ve been. Even if you don’t really “need” a T-shirt from every tour, or even if the design isn’t great, and even if most of the time you probably won’t wear it (for fashion reasons, or in the case of me and my a.b.s shirt because I don’t ever want the letters to crack XD), it’s still just kind of…how to put it…good to know you have it?

      Glad to see you’re back online!

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