girugamesh, what have you done.

You all may have noticed by now that I really like doing this…That is, criticizing the hell out of songs based on their 40 second previews. This irresponsible practice usually results in hypocrisy later, when the full PV is released or I get the single and end up really enjoying it. I can’t help it, though. That 40 seconds can rack up a lot of opinions faster than L’arc~En~Ciel can sell out the Tokyo Dome.

Lately the band who has been perched most precariously on my chopping-block would have to be the be-harem-panted girugamesh, who started experimenting musically starting a couple of years back, ended up in some hot water with latest album NOW, and….got stuck there.

I had a ton of expectations for giru, and high hopes that they wouldn’t release more b-average tunes, and would actually make a reasonable comeback, slapping everyone who bad-talked their recent work right in the smug face. Oh giru, what have you done. Here is the preview of their highly-anticipated new title COLOR.

Here are all of my opinions so far:

According to Ryo’s suspiciously-busy Twitter feed, the band has been going non-stop in the studio recording and writing. And this is what they came up with?! It sounds like 3 different songs off of NOW, the names of which I can’t remember, because when you take songs like that and mash them together, it’s much harder to tell where one started and another ended. To be fair, I like the heavy grunge instrumentation. However, the melody…sounds like every single other melody giru ever wrote.

You can also hear the full extent of b-side SUNRISE, which was filmed live at their performance for JROCK GOES ROUND THE WORLD. I like this song way better than the a-side. Parts of the instrumentation felt fresh and interesting– parts of it reminded me of Driving Time. The vocals were okay, and the instrumental-break was actually really cool.

I know everyone wants to blame the “label” the “management” and everything…but really, I’m interested to know what’s actually going on here. These are obviously some sincere and very talented young guys, and they have made some awesome music. They have a unique and powerful sound, and a cool image. Was their run really that short? I mean, at least regurgitate music from albums that were awesome…


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