GACKT YFC Tour +Japan Circuit+


June 10 Zepp Tokyo      July 04 Zepp Osaka
June 11 Zepp Tokyo      July 06 Zepp Osaka
June 13 Zepp Tokyo      July 07 Zepp Osaka
June 16 Zepp Tokyo      July 09 Zepp Osaka

June 17 Zepp Tokyo

June 21 Zepp Nagoya       August 11 Zepp Sendai
June 22 Zepp Nagoya       August 12 Zepp Sendai
June 24 Zepp Nagoya       August 14 Zepp Sendai
June 25 Zepp Nagoya       August 15 Zepp Sendai

June 28 Zepp Fukuoka      August 17 Zepp Sapporo
June 29 Zepp Fukuoka      August 19 Zepp Sapporo
July  01 Zepp Fukuoka      August 20 Zepp Sapporo

July  02 Zepp Fukuoka

The tour schedule has finally been decided, confirmed, and released for the Japan circuit of GACKT’s metal-head livehouse tour. This certainly won’t be an amiable round, but I guess this is the kind of thing GACKT gets off on. He needs to be driven %150 and everything, so I suppose sandwiching a European debut between all of these Japan dates should suit him perfectly fine.
Looks like good business for the Zepp clubs, in any case.

Source: Official website

Images: one asian world,


2 responses to “GACKT YFC Tour +Japan Circuit+

    • The entire YFC image is simultaneously so…so GACKT, and yet so unexpected. Although it’s awkward in some ways, I think that the fact that he’s doing an image like this is amusing and refreshing.
      Glad to see it invokes your Kentucky pride! And yeah, nice word-work there….

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