Being a passionate anthropologist, I always find it interesting to observe people’s reactions to things. Some people jump up and down in excitement, some people scream obscenities at the tops of their lungs, some people throw furniture and rip down curtains in anger, and some people bang their head against the wall. What kind of person are you? I’m the type of person who can radiate such a thick aura of darkness that storm-clouds actually gather above my building.

Right now there’s about to be a tornado.

Around the time that GACKT announced the transfer from Nippon Crown to Avex, a rumor hit news sites that this would also mean wider international promotion, including a possible European tour in the summer. Although I, like a lot of hardened fans, brushed this aside as a physical impossibility and general fancitement, we’ve reached a point where this rumor had better be true, or else GACKT comms all over the web will mutiny so hard that the internet just seriously breaks. According to several German events sites and the English web’s own twisted talent concerts, GACKT will, in fact, be touring Europe in summer 2010.

However. I do want to make it very clear that I try and avoid any trollish rumors that go around the internet– usually, even if it means being behind with the news, I prefer to wait until official statements on official websites (namely that of the artist in question) have been released before I post anything. No information pertaining to GACKT’s rumored European tour has been released on his OHP, or any major Japanese news sites. As a result, I’m still somewhat skeptical about this information. That aside, the fact that actual cities, venues, and dates and ticket sales have been projected means that either this rumor is on the level of Emperor Troll, or it’s true and just got slipped before the OHP got on it. So that’s the disclaimer we’ll all be playing by in this game.



“Brace yourself, July will be very very HOT! For years legions of fans have waited for this moment, now finally the legendary GACKT will tour Europe for the first time! GACKT will perform at a very selective choice of clubs in London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and Bochum. Don’t miss the rare chance to experience a true legend of Japanese Rock live! Seeing this mega superstar in such an intimate atmosphere will make these shows an unforgettable and unique event for all fans world-wide. Tickets will go on sale on June 7th and are strictly limited!

16.07.2010 – O2 Academy Islington, London [UK]
18.07.2010 – Alhambra, Paris [FR]
20.07.2010 – Salamandra 1, Barcelona [ES]
22.07.2010 – Theaterfabrik, München [DE]
24.07.2010 – Zeche, Bochum [DE]

Quoted: twisted talent concerts

So…May the rumors be true! Until there is an official announcement/denouncement from the OHP, I will not be adding this to the lives page. Once everything is Kosher, I will make another affirmative/negative post. In the meantime….North Americans. Come pray with me.

Sources: dears comm. at LJ, twisted talent concerts


33 responses to “GACKT coming to Europe 2010 ATTACK OF THE “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz”

  1. I love how the tour’s name is in all caps, save for the “z” at the end.

    This sounds almost too good to be true. Even though I’m not in Europe and couldn’t possibly go, I’m still going to hope this is true.

    • GACKT has mentioned several times about his intention to tour America. As far as I know, he even mentioned it in the clips of his YFC live DVD. If he’s actually taking the step to hit up Europe, then my guess would be if everything goes well for him, then this will be the first step to total world-domination. In which case, we should hope and pray that he’s planning on making us all his slaves utterly and completely by coming and touring in the States.
      I’m psyched for his European fans, and I hope the tour is a major success for him!

  2. I’ve heard faint rumours about this but I didn’t want to get my hopes up in case they were not true. But IF HE IS coming to England, I would be so happy! Since VAMPS are not coming to England, I can go see GACKT instead (hopefully!).

    • Hey Lori-Anne,

      The tour was released on this morning, so IT IS HAPPENING.
      That would be great for you to be able to see him live in London! When I was able to see abingdon boys school in London, I was psyched because if I tried to see them in Japan, I would be just one of thousands packed into a huge arena. However, being able to see them in Europe made it possible to be one of a few hundred crammed into a tiny, intimate club. I hope you get to experience this with GACKT!

      • Thanks! I went to see Utada at the O2 Islington and it was very small, so yeh I’m very excited! I’ve just checked on the ticketweb site and its on there (I was checking all morning for updates). I just want know the pricing now. I hope it won’t cost a fortune!!

      • Yeah, well, I keep looking at that final note in the write-up: “Tickets will go on sale on June 7th and are strictly limited!” I hate it when they put those vague teasers in there. Do they mean they’re selling 14 tickets per show, or is each ticket going to be $$$$? It will definitely be interesting to see what they end up going for, although really, how expensive can they possibly get?

      • Thanks for scoping that info out! Even for fans not attending the London show, ticket prices for other shows are probably comparable.

  3. The only thing that worries me is that none of the ticketsites have any info about Gackt coming.
    So they’re not going to put up anything until the day turns to the 7th? Or, randomly throughout the 7th? I want to be able to sit there and grab my ticket at the moment it’s out after all! Ohh they love to torture us.

    • The information is usually totally unavailable until the day the tickets go on sale, so there’s no need to worry. I’m not sure what times exactly the tickets will go on sale. If they list a specific time (which usually they do) in the next few days, I’ll be posting it. If they don’t list a time, tickets will probably be available from 12:00 AM on the date of release.
      And yes…yes, they do love to torture us. I can completely sympathize with you there.

      Which show do you think you’ll be attending? Good luck with your tickets!

  4. This North American has come to pray with youXDD

    The fact that the info’s actually up on the official site is great! I’m really happy for the Europeans that are able to see them! I hope they all sell out and things go so well that they’re forced at to add on more dates or at least return in the future with a more expansive schedule. Five dates isn’t really a tour, but hey, for doing something like this right off the bat from switching to Avex is pretty quick!~ Hell, it’s outside of Asia so who can complain really?^^;

    Is it safe to say I officially hate Nippon Crown now?XDD

    Oh, and the whole YFC thing! I hope Gackt & JOB play plenty of metal on the tour!~<3

    • XD Awesome. If we can get enough NA’s to pray, then hopefully our pleas will reach GACKT and bring him a few more thousand miles west.
      You’re right, five dates isn’t a particularly expansive tour, but you do have to remember that this is the first time he’s left Asia, so they really don’t know what will happen with it. It’s a first step, like you said, and hopefully it will lay the foundation for a lot more OS touring in the future. *coughUScough*
      The YFC thing should be pretty cool. If you check out the live videos from the Otoko Matsuri it gives a decent idea of what kind of set-list can be expected in the tour. Although it’s more than likely that things will get switched up for the OS gig.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. I thought that tickets were £40. That’s what it said on ticketweb…

    Priority tickets (for o2 customers) are being sold tomorrow at 12pm which is when i’m hoping to get mine. The rest are being sold on tuesday at 9am. This is for the london show by the way.

    • Thanks for adding that note! I saw that info earlier, and I’m glad you mentioned it.
      Some sites (including the 02 FB page) had quoted the price around £32. They later modified it (a typo? Premature info? Not sure what that’s about) to £42.
      @ Lori-Anne, I saw someone else mention that Ticketweb quoted the cost at £40.
      IN CONCERNS TO TICKET PRICING: remember that ticket pricing can/will change depending on whether you order from the venue website, buy at the door, or order on websites such as Ticketweb and livenation. When you order tickets online, they WILL charge S/H fees, and sometimes other lame fees that jack up the price quite a bit. I recommend that everyone do their research when buying tickets. :)

      • Hi again. I can’t believe that tickets sold out in 5mins! I was in the middle of buying them when they sold out so I didin’t get any. =[ I guess i’m gonna have to try on Tuesday!!

      • Woah! I’m really sorry to hear that about the tickets. Although, I’m surprised they list the tickets in a free-for-all system. Whenever I’ve purchased tickets online they usually just have a timer that holds the tickets long enough for you to (quickly) buy them before they’re released again. Good luck on Tuesday! You’ll definitely get some this time!

  6. Thanks! I thought that they would hold the ticket as well! I’m buying two tickets which will cost me a whooping £94 (£10 for service charges and £2 for postage)! The prices are unbelievable! I only had to pay £20 for Utada. I’m sure that GACKT will be worth it though, but i’m gonna be broke for a while!!

    • GACKT will definitely be worth each pence spent, trust me. I would sacrifice various organs in order to be broke/debilitated over seeing him live, and in a livehouse environment no less! But still, those prices are certainly nothing to laugh at. Especially the “service charge” which is out of this world. Which service exactly are you paying for!? His plane-ticket to the UK? (although I don’t recall exactly what I paid for a.b.s tickets SC, it certainly wasn’t £10) Oh well, it just costs what it costs, right?

      • Don’t worry: On the day of the concert all thoughts of my penniless bank will have disappeared!! XD

  7. I can’t believe they sold out that quick, I mean I know Gackt-san is awesome and all but … but … I DIDN’T GET A TICKET!!!

    If anyone has a spare London 16th July ticket please PLEASE!! get in touch with me via my email! I will buy it from you!! I have paypal and money ( which helps some-what ><;)


    • Millenia,

      Sorry to hear you weren’t able to get a ticket. From what I’ve heard, the rush was insane. I understand your plight, and am trying to think of where you can ask around for help buying… Have you tried asking on the Dears comm. at LiveJournal? A lot of people are wheeling and dealing tickets on there right now, and it’s always worth asking. I don’t recommend eBay right now, as I’ve heard tickets are going for insane prices at the moment. Your best bet would be community sites.

      Good luck! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help out.

    • I have a ticket that I am desperate to sell! I do not know your email so this is the only way to contact you! Please gt back to me because I really need to sell this ticket! My buyer bailed out on me Y^Y

      • SansImi, I have contacted Millenia directly to see if they’re still looking to buy a ticket. If I hear from them, I’ll be sure to let you know ASAP.

      • I was able to contact Millenia, but it would seem they already found a ticket. I highly recommend listing your ticket for sale in the livejournal community Dears, as there are many fans actively trying to buy and sell over there.
        Good luck!

  8. You guys are so lucky! I’m from South Africa and hadn’t the foggiest idea that he was touring Europe this year. I would have flown up to London to see him. *starts crying*

    How was it? Send me pics by email…I’m desperate to hear how it went. I might go green from jealously.

    • Unfortunately, I can all too easily empathize with your regret. I was also unable to make it to Europe to see the YFC debut, but instead live on in hopes of more widespread locations, better organization, larger quantities of tickets, and…well, alright, that’s all a bit ambitious, but you get my drift.

      Awesome to hear such devotion! Hope you get to see him perform in short order.

      Take it easy-

    • I went to the concert! It was amazing!!! Unbelievable really, the whole time I was thinking, OMG he’s actually in the same room as me (yeah really silly but still…). I was quite near the front and standing on the side with Chacha and Chirolyn(spelling?) so I didnt get to see You very much, but overall it was a great night.

      Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures, but if you look on Youtube there are some videos with pictures taken by sneaky people and some footage of GACKT and GACKTJOB arriving at the venue and the huge queue. Also if you look on the dears lj there are plenty of reviews of the concert there.

      I’m sure he’ll come back. He must have realised the sheer amount of fans outside of Japan (tickets for the London show sold out in 5mins I believe!) and I read somewhere that he said that he would tour in the USA so there’s hope for you yet!!!!

    • I’m not sure if any Jrockers have performed in Ireland, to be perfectly honest. Your best bet would be heading to London, if you ever get the opportunity.

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