VAMPS’ Celestial Journey

Earlier this month VAMPS showed the reaches of their dark side with the edgy yet classy and potentially controversial DEVIL SIDE. It seems they’ll be flying new colors with the release of ANGEL TRIP.

Angel Trip / VAMPS



1.Angel Trip

2.Kyuketsu -Satsugai VAMPS ver.-

July 7th will see the release of their full-length album, and although the title has been announced, the tracklist and artwork are still under wraps. It seems we’ll be seeing a relapse into bad-boy-dom on July 7th when we go primeval for BEAST. The album will come with two alternate versions, Jacket A and Jacket B, and first-press comes with a poster. (Previously announced @here)
Beast / VAMPS

The band will also release a documentary book (note: this is not a photobook) titled KYUKETSUKI VAMPS DOCUMENT STORY 01. Priced at JPY 1905, for a collector’s item this is a steal. Complete details are still pending, but if you’re a VAMPS fan, keep your eye on this one. Books and items such as this tend to sell out fast, and are rarely available long-term.

Kyuketsuki VAMPS Document Story 01 / VAMPS


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