News Flash: H&MC

H&MC with Maakii

That probably sounds like a weird Swedish clothing brand to you– don’t worry it’s a Jrock band. If it was Swedish, it wouldn’t be allowed on here. As anyone who reads regularly will know quite well, I have never featured garage rock-band High and Mighty Color on here before. I used to listen to some of their stuff all the time during my very early Jrock days (before it stopped being infatuation and became a life-long commitment). To be perfectly honest in a rather sexist-sounding way, I hardly listen to any Jrock with female vocalists. It’s not really anything against them…I guess the thing is that they always seem to lack that certain je ne sais qua. I tend to be a lot picker about female vocals than male vocals. Don’t nail my hand into the desk, please. Everyone has their ‘type’, and mine is male vocals (which is why VK works for me). But come on, every Jrock fan has to admit that they started out with Ichirin no Hana from HIGH AND MIGHT COLOR…don’t they?

H&MC is part of what I call “the Okinawa team” — i.e. the huge slew of Jpop and Jrock groups/idols that sprung from the sunny islands in southern Japan (trivia: Orange Range, also from Okinawa, is apparently H&MC‘s ‘sister band’. Which is possibly why I have trouble differentiating between them). H&MC started out as a Metallica cover-band that later moved on to original music, called Anti-Nobunaga.

H&MC had a relatively modest debut, the details of which seem pretty standard for the average rock band. Their big ‘moment’ arose when the band released their first official single in 2005, Pride, which was going to be attached to a soccer event…? Apparently people play soccer to H&MC in Japan– which is why I must move there. Go H&MC!, a scout discovered Pride and it was agreed that it would appear, instead, as a song for Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny— which is a LVLUP from soccer, if you ask me…Especially considering that Gundam Seed Destiny was, at the time, the #1 anime in Japan. That helped sales up a bit, and Pride has remained their top-selling single.

Their music is rock with some heavy/screaming and rap textures that add more dimension to music that would otherwise, in my opinion, be kind of average. I have enjoyed the vocalist, Maakii, because she doesn’t sound like melting gumdrops. On that note  in July, 2008 Maakii married Dreams Come True bandmember Nakamura Masato (who has at least 20 years on her age), and announced that in late 2008 she would be leaving the band. And she did, indeed, leave the band and had a baby in due time. Shortly thereafter a new vocalist was announced, the surly looking little lady under the tough name HALCA.

H&MC with Halca

With the change in lineup (it’s usually pretty dramatic to change the vocalist, isn’t it? I mean, H&MC has been around for a while), many fans were hoping that they would show their, er, high and mighty true colors and whoop out some new hits. They did indeed release a single titled XYZ, followed by a full-length album Swamp Man, and H&MC have announced a summer single for August 11 titled Re:ache — however, this announcement comes as a mixed deal. The band stated that simultaneous with the release of Re:ache, H&MC would in fact be disbanding permanently. They labeled their reasons as being musical differences, and a desire to reach out for greater, different opportunities.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan, or just someone who was helped to catch The Line with their music, it’s always a little depressing whenever bands like these break up. Although, as I stated earlier, I haven’t listened to their music in years, it’s still sort of like seeing the aunt and uncle who used to babysit you getting a divorce.

In any case, let’s wish them all well in their future ventures, and hope that they find out there what they couldn’t achieve within HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR.


4 responses to “News Flash: H&MC

    • I’m not familiar with any of their work with Halca, so I really can’t argue for or against her. Although a lot of their music was kind of rough and/or awkward, their hits were hits, and they had some good stuff. You’re right– it’s too bad that they’re breaking up, but who knows, maybe the members will draw on their strengths independently and create some awesome work that’s more rewarding for them as individuals.

  1. I’m a fan of them. If for u, they’re like ur aunt and uncle getting divorce, for me they’re like my parents getting divorce. Their disbandment gave me such a big impact. At first, I can’t accept HALCA replaced Maki but, now I’m ready to accept HALCA cause when she enters the band, H&MC can be a metal-sound band again. Maybe due to their commitment to outer work (mACKAz support band LM.C, SASSY now cooperating with KYLEE SAUNDERS) more than H&MC itself. Even during the audition for Maki’s replacer, mACKAz was supporting LM.C for their tour/concert/whatever. Whatever it is, I hope that they’ll reunite. It’s hard to find a TWIN VOCAL band.


    p/s this is the first Japanese band I knew and the one who gave me confidence that girls can love metal too.

    • They were one of my first Jrock bands as well, and they were certainly one of the first heavy sounding bands, along with abingdon boys school, who started transitioning me from the lighter pop stuff on the radio, to actually discovering J-metal and hard-rock. So although I did move away from their music after a while, I’ll still always be grateful for them being one of the pebbles that started an avalanche.

      I was also quite shocked to hear of their disbandment. To be honest, I was surprised when I heard of Maki leaving the band (although it would be impossible not to respect her reasons), but I thought that bringing HALCA in would bring in enough new spirit to keep them going for a long time.

      Again, though, I do hope they find fulfillment and satisfaction in their other projects. And maybe they will reunite– you never know, right? Even though they’ve disbanded, I’m sure you’ll keep supporting them and appreciating their music.

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