Tribute to a FIVE STAR band

It must be awesome to not have to die before people celebrate your life’s work. And, although they do often conjure images of demons and underworlds and gloomy macabre classifiable “other”, Gothic emperors BUCK-TICK shot off their fire-work-worthy career nearly 30 years ago, and remain to this day anything but dead. After nearly 3 decades of ridiculously good rockin’, the veteran J-rockers are still going strong, and the respect of their fans only seems to increase the more years the gloomy gang racks up.

On June 27th, this five-star national-treasure of Visual Kei will be celebrated by six selected bands in an unholy tribute fest: FIVE STAR FACTORY PRESENTS: BUCK-TICK A TRIBUTE CONCERT.

One of the more widely “covered” bands in the J-music scene, BUCK-TICK has seen their fair share of tribute. A couple of years ago renowned Visual and J-rockers were selected to cover songs for a tribute album called Parade~ Respective Tracks of BUCK-TICK. These artists included abingdon boys school and Kiyoharu, as well as a range of lesser-names from the industry.

Now, the band will be officially honored as the five-star vet Visualists they are, in an event dedicated solely to playing covers of their music, new and classic, and (hopefully) everything in between. The band’s work will be represented by a performance of 6 cover-bands:

爆-竹 [Boku-Take]






…and one DJ: D.D.D.J.X4N20

As far as I am aware, these are all one-time session bands created for the purpose of this concert, so if you don’t recognize any of these names, don’t worry. Nobody else does either. The most exciting of the groups is the final listed name, ONE NIGHT BALLET MOONLIGHT HIBIKI, the lineup of which is almost as much of a mouthful as their never-ending name. The group consists of ex-Sugar bassist Loki, ex-The GazettE drummer Yune (as “Dekith”), ex- The Candy Spooky Theater guitarist Zull, ex-Calmando Qual vocalist Hibiki, and finally ex-munimuni guitarist Matenrou (yes, as in the opera) .

Note: Just for clarity’s sake, Loki was the vocalist for Sugar, not the bassist, but his role in ONE NIGHT is the bassist. Don’t spam me with correction- comments!

I’ll finish it off with some footage of rally‘s cover of Aku no Hana, which they performed at BUCK-TICK FEST in 2007.

rally are:

guitar – HISASHI (GLAY)
vocals – TERU (GLAY)
bass – ウエノコウジ / ueno kouji (radio caroline)
drums – 宮上 元克 / miyagami motokatsu (the mad capsule markets)

FIVE STAR FACTORY official website (Japanese)


2 responses to “Tribute to a FIVE STAR band

  1. I was googling this event and came across your blog post.

    Actually, some of these bands are kind of like “professional” BUCK-TICK cover bands. B-T-K advertises shows on mixi quite frequently. There are also BUCK-TICK nights just about every month across Japan.

    I went to this event and I have to say, it was on par with most professional shows of the same size.

    • Ah, I see. Thanks for putting that information out there! It’s cool to know that some of these bands are actually specializing in BT, and that these guys get this kind of active homage. As one of the most long-standing, unique, and influential VK bands in the scene, I have to say there isn’t such a thing as too many covers.

      I have to say, I’m totally hurting inside about not having been able to be there for this one. What did you think about ONE NIGHT BALLET’s performance? They seemed to have an interesting member lineup.

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