From Now On, I Will Only Be Reviewing Kat-Tun DVDs.

This is really the last straw. I’ve had enough of this melodrama, this outrageous psychological torture. Visual Kei isn’t good for me anymore. For the sake of my nerves…it’s probably time for me to convert to the more soothing fandoms of Johnny’s Entertainment.

Recently there was a whole boom of summer release announcements, and they became available for pre-order. Being the naive, over-confident, far-too-trusting Visualist that I am, I spent at least a week planning out which albums I was going to buy (it was very difficult), and finally selected the 3 singles that I was going to be willing to amputate for. After this tedious and emotionally straining process, I realized that two of the singles would be released within a week of each other, but the third single wouldn’t be released until a month later. Frustrated, I was able to compromise by ordering the two matched singles together, and put off ordering the third single because it wouldn’t come out until a month later and I didn’t want to wait a whole month to get the other two that would have already been released. And then guess what happens? I go away for five minutes, FIVE MINUTES, and then I come back and there’s this odious order-update email in my inbox informing me that

the release date for GACKT’s summer single has been changed from June 16th to July 28th.

…This is not okay.

I’m going to rebel by canceling the order and buying KAT-TUN dvds.

My pointless rebellion


6 responses to “From Now On, I Will Only Be Reviewing Kat-Tun DVDs.

  1. Haha, yaaay, KAT-TUN! Your “pointless rebellion” made me laugh so hard. I also read that Bunraku, the movie Gackt is doing, has been pushed up to 2011. Its been postponed a few times already, but I didn’t have high hopes for the film to begin with.

    • Hah….I’m glad to know you find my pain amusing! I haven’t ordered any DVDs yet…I heard they just released a new album, and I bet ITS release date isn’t going to be pushed back a month and a half.

      It’s like the Midas touch. Only instead of everything he touches turning to gold, everything GACKT touches now gets postponed thirty times before finally getting released. First RRII, then Bunraku, and now the single. Since it’s a recurring issue, you kind of start to wonder what’s going on. You haven’t taken on more than a super-human can handle have you, GACKT?

  2. Lmao…unfortunately, it would be almost impossible for me to switch to Johnny’s bands. XD I’ve tried watching PVs from Super Junior and DBSK and it honestly, pains me to watch them perform. Maybe it’s because they sound and look like walking cliches? :/

    • Hah! I like how you’re actually trying to come up with a logical explanation for why it’s painful for you to watch Johnny’s performances! Between the fourteen-million people all on stage at the same time who all have the exact same singing voice, and who all look like they’re 12 years old, and the regurgitated cheesy ballads, what’s there to not find painful? XD
      However, I don’t like to pointlessly bash anything, and to be fair, good music is good music, so I’ll admit, it’s not entirely impossible to find a decent song by one of those groups. Also, since both artists you mentioned were Kpop, I just have to throw out there that some Kpop groups have released interesting and decent songs.
      You’d never believe it, I’m sure, but I actually have a really wide range of musical tastes. It’s just a fact of life that Johnny’s never has, and never will, be included in it. ;]

      • I’m like you. I have a wide range of musical tastes as well. I always say that there is no truly “awful” music, just stuff we like and don’t like. I’m guilty of having a few Johnny’s songs in my iTunes, but I don’t hate myself for it. :P

      • @Sakurayume, I totally agree with you. If music is good, then it’s a waste to refuse to listen to it based simply on bias. Actually, I’m a little bit of a hypocrite after posting that last comment. I like the KAT-TUN song “1582”. The live-performance of it is totally epic, and the song is actually really interesting. Although I believe that’s a solo piece by one of the singers, and not one of those gang-harmony things.

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