The GazettE Invitation to OS Fans

The fairness and good qualities of The GazettE should really receive some serious praise somewhere. The fact that they want us OS fans at their Japan tour dates is worth a gold-medal in my personal opinion. Let me just say it, then: these guys rock for making it easy to get to their shows.

It started with their fan-club only tour that just barely ended, and will continue on into their next round (which will be extensive, so if you’re planning a trip over there, check the dates first!): all ticket sales will be available to overseas fans. However, it is important to remember that you have to “apply” to get tickets, and the window is limited, so if you want them, think fast!

Here’s the information about how to buy tickets:

7/22, 7/23
Nippon Budokan(General Sales Start (in Japan):6/12)
[Application period] 5/12 (Wed) 12:00 – 5/20 (Thu) 23:59 (Japanese Standard Time) for overseas purchase
[Payment Period] 5/22 – 5/29
[Confirmation Time] 5/30

Application Site URL
(From the stated link please access via [Overseas Ticket Sales])
*The site will be available from May 21th 2010!

*Ticket Sales thereafter:
・7/28Nagano – 8/31 Nagoya(General Sales Start (in Japan):7/10)
[Application Period] 6/1~13 for overseas purchase
・10/1 Ishikawa – 11/2 Mie(General Sales Start (in Japan):7/17)
[Application period] 8/1~15 for overseas purchase

If you have any questions, or need help with anything, just leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to give you a hand.

Information: MusicJapan+


6 responses to “The GazettE Invitation to OS Fans

    • Sorry, it’s a little confusing to look at. I think this is the information you need:
      “・10/1 Ishikawa – 11/2 Mie(General Sales Start (in Japan):7/17)
      [Application period] 8/1~15 for overseas purchase”

      Basically, for all of the shows between October 1st in Ishikawa and November 2nd in Mie, the overseas purchase application period runs from August 1- 15th. General sales for those shows begin tomorrow in Japan.

      Check this website:

      Does that help at all?

  1. Hey!

    Do you know if they are really going to sell tickets from 8/1 for the second half of the tour? Maybe I’m to stupid, but there’s no update so far concerning overseas tickets for those dates… I do have tix for the Sendai-Show but I’d love to get two for the first Osaka-Live as well. Unfortunately in Japan this was sould out very quickly… I hope they have some tix for fans from overseas :-/
    But anyway, thanks for the informations!

    • uhh, just realised you guys discusses this topic one post earlier… it seems that I’m not the only one who thinks that getting tickets for Japanese concerts is a pain in the ass…

    • Ah…if the Japanese tickets sell out, somehow I doubt they will add extra tickets for overseas purchase. Honestly, I’m not sure how they thought this kind of system was going to work– it seems ridiculous to assume there will be enough tickets left 2 weeks later for overseas purchasers to get some.

      If they do make them available, check the above listed site on 8/1 (Japan time, presumably).

      It’s a royal pain, and we’re all irritated by it! Let us in!

      • Yeah, I doubt that there will be tickets. But other bands did that before and they had a small amount of “extra tickets” for fans from overseas. I’ll check the site … but I’m almost sure it won’t work. At least I’ve tix for one show.

        I’m really shocked how ticket-markets seem to work in Japan. Seems I’ve been very naïve… Tickets for shows of very famous artits (let’s say Gackt :-/) are sold out almost immediately and re-sold for horrendous fees. It’s unbelievable that a front-row ticket for a show in great demand costs almost as much as a flight-ticket from Europe to Japan… And in my eyes it’s astonishing that something like this is tolerated.

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