More Trampy Vamps

Can you find Hyde and K.A.Z in this picture?

Seriously, VAMPS has been really busy lately. With the release of two singles, a DVD, gang cross-dressing and a world tour this summer and fall, you would think that the blood-sucking rocker duo had their hands full. But it seems that they’re really going to give it their all, and we will give them our all in the form of scraping every last penny out of our poor emaciated piggy-banks!

On July 7th, VAMPS will really top their recent activity with the crowning-glory of releases: a full-length album. The album will feature their new single (which comes out on Wednesday…) DEVIL SIDE. I’ve been noticing bands doing this increasingly often lately– for example abingdon boys school released the single (with no b-sides) From Dusk Till Dawn very shortly before the song appeared again on their full length album. This is highly suspicious, not to mention faintly annoying. I mean, at least spare us by not telling us that the single we just bought is going to appear on the album we’re right about to buy!

In any case, DEVIL SIDE is a good song (with an even better PV– just remember, Youtubers will be required to confirm their age when viewing…They’re still asking me, and it’s like…I mean…I’m not getting any younger, no need to remind me.), so even if you end up with 6 of it, how can you really complain, right?

The album will hit shelves (to reiterate) 7/7, for a healthy JPY 3,500 (tax in). Limited edition includes a DVD with PV footage (Okay, you can complain if the DEVIL SIDE PV appears on there.), and the first-press comes with a poster.

Who wants to be really trashy and start placing bets over whether the cover will feature a naked woman? (Just kidding…)

By the way, it was terrible of me and I shouldn’t have done it, I know. I just couldn’t resist. When I saw that image, with the caption Vamps Girls, and the color scheme that perfectly matches the image below— not to mention thematically, I had to do it. Come on, you actually looked for them when you read my caption….admit it!


4 responses to “More Trampy Vamps

  1. Great post (as always). I’m not afraid to admit that I spent ages staring at that picture waiting for Hyde and Kaz to materialise! And yay, another Vamps album!!

    I’m always on your site getting updates about my favourite bands ( l’arc~en~ciel, GACKT, VAMPS) and even just reading interesting news about bands I don’t listen to makes my day, so keep up the good work!

    • Thank you very much for the kind words! I’m glad to know that you’re able to get something out of my posts, and I appreciate you saying as much. I’m always more inspired to write if I know it’s at least faintly enlightening to someone!

      And by the way, don’t worry about it…When I first saw the image, I spent a long time looking for them too. ;]

  2. You got me there! I actually looked for them considering the picture could actually pass for a still shot from the DEVIL SIDE pv. But I like your humour, man.

    • Hah… As far as we know, they are in there. It’s not like Jrockers haven’t been known to don fishnets, kinko boots and a bustier every now and then. The dots were too thoroughly connected for me to pass that one up, as bad as it was.

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