GACKT Hits Home


This is possibly the most exciting news since…well…since the last piece of most-exciting news you ever heard. Finally my prayers (repeated daily since the release of JESUS) have been answered. It has come:

GACKT Greatest Hits Collection!

By the way, JESUS had better be on this thing!

I don’t know about any of you, but I suffer from acute GACKT syndrome. This is a nervous disorder common among his fanbase, as developed due to excessive and repeated shock and psychologically-damaging marketing techniques. They haven’t found any way of helping us yet– but that’s alright. After you get used to it your nerves are so fried that you just start prioritizing your values. GACKT albums over brain-cells, all the way.

GACKT, of course, likes to go ahead and hospitalize as many fans as possible before proceeding to make them go bankrupt. At least we’ll have a ton of GACKT to listen to in rehab…. Along with the greatest hits album, GACKT will be releasing another compilation entitled ARE YOU “FRIED CHICKENz”?? which is mysterious, in that, CDJapan has described it as “featuring his rock songs”, but last I checked, GACKT was a rock musician, so this is a little bit of a dubious description. At the same time, a reissue of his previously released singles collection The Sixth Day will be released. All albums will be released under Nippon Crown, despite/due to GACKT’s recent move to Avex.

The Greatest Hits Collection and Sixth Day reissue will be released July 21st.

ARE YOU “FRIED CHICKENz”?? will fly the coop on June 23rd, and will feature two bonus tracks (Uncontrol and Justified).

All albums JPY 2,857. Excuse me while I go down to the bank to take out a bloody loan.


UNTITLED (Single Best) / GACKT

The Sixth Day / Single Collection [Priced-down Reissue] / GACKT

Somehow it has a certain ring to it: The GACKT Ward. Be seeing you there…


4 responses to “GACKT Hits Home

  1. lol. That part about AGS (acute GACKT symdrome) was funny, actually most of the post was but I can relate cause I got AGS too. Looking forward to the best-of albums.

    • Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!
      I’m glad you can sympathize. It’s true that we go through quite a lot being his fans.

      It’s going to be really exciting to see which songs will make it on the Greatest Hits collection. A lot of awesome stuff has been released since Sixth Day, so there’s going to be a bit of a tension build-up till the tracklist is released.

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