The Real Reason Why It Took D’espairs So Long…

…to announce the details about their world-tour stretch is because they were all thinking up the best name for it, and they came up with a pretty clever one, too:

D’espairsRay World Tour 2010: “Human-clad Monsters”

They haven’t released the dates for the Japan or US stretch of the tour, but they did confirm that they will be visiting these countries.


2010/09/18 Rock Club in Moscow, Russia
2010/09/19 GlavClub in St. Petersburg, Russia
2010/09/25 Zeche in Bochum, Germany
2010/09/26 Columbia Club in Berlin, Germany
2010/09/28 Progesja in Warsaw, Poland
2010/09/29 Diesel in Budapest, Hungary
2010/10/01 Magazzini Generali in Milan, Italy
2010/10/02 La Laiterie in Strasbourg, France
2010/10/03 Bataclan in Paris, France

Tickets are becoming steadily available, and the access points can be located through their page on Twisted Talent Concerts


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