Here are a few of the slightly more normal variations. In general I think that the (dare I say it?) “perm-mullet” is somehow acceptable. Despite having possibly the two worst hairstyles ever invented on earth implied in the name…ugh. When they have the bangs straight and swept to the side with the back permed, it’s really feminine, but it can sort of work. It’s the face- obscuring kinked waves that essentially lie at the root of all my problems. When guys are trying to be bad-ass and evil, stylistically ringlets are just…well…ringlets, I mean come on.

Both Schwarz and Jimi (center L+R) of up-and-coming Visual Kei band Chemical Pictures are puffed up on the perm. The left-hand example is one of the slightly more feminine styles of perm abounding in Jrock at the moment. The right-hand example is just…I haven’t found words for it yet, and likely won’t- ever.

Even when Als Dead, the Perm Will Go On....

I have never even heard this band before, but I fatefully found this image, and instantly wanted to give the vocalist a prize for how much Gatsby he must have used to get his permed waves to stay piled up like that.

It would seem that despite being a 40 year old man with a great reputation as one of the most-loved bassists in Jrock, even Tetsuya cannot avoid looking like an awkward adolescent girl sometimes. It’s a combination of the russet color and the fluffy bangs that make it so unfortunate. I recognize this same shade from the Hyde example in an earlier round…Maybe they have the same stylist.

Although I don’t have a direct image (I’m not that advanced yet.) the bassist of R-SHITEI [I realized this doesn’t link directly to the member in question. You can find him at: 七星] is also sporting a perm, not too different from that of Schwarz (Chemical Pictures).

That should about wrap up the perm rounds. I’m relieved somehow that I was able to make an even 5– horrific as the concept is. I should have been able to stop at just 1 round of perms, but they just kept appearing. I hope that my neurotic inability to drop this pet-peeve hasn’t triggered some horrible psychological reaction in the brains of Jrock stylists to force this coiffure on every Jrocker in the scene…

Thanks to Reitsu for the Chemical Pictures image….And for not telling me those weren’t their actual stage names until after I released it to the public!

Image credit for Tetsuya’s golden locks goes to perverse_imp. Thanks!


9 responses to “THE PERM: ROUND 5

  1. Bwahaha, hilarious comment about Tetsuya since he very much looks like said adolescent girl! XD

    Oh yes, I just wanted to clarify about Chemical Pictures, although they are essentially labelled as “Trick Master, strange guitarist” in the picture. from left to right the band members are: Tenten (V), Schwarz (ex-guitarist now), Jimi (b) and…as far as I know they don’t have a permanent drummer. XD

  2. this is super late and will probably annoy you but I still feel the need to comment (due to my lack of self-control late at night…)

    Anyway, Jimi is super awesome and the perm doesn’t look half-bad on him here – (far left)

    Also, if you don’t know of it already, his blog ( gives (gave?) some very interesting insight into the indies VK scene.

    • … and I just realized how bitchy that sounded. I’m very sorry about my tone – the rudeness was completely unintentional m(__)m

      • I did not interpret your comment as being bitchy or rude at all, so really there is no need to apologize.

        Of course I’m familiar with Jimi and his blog (credit to Sereitsu for giving me the link), and I have a lot of respect for him and the work that he does.

        The perm rants here aren’t meant as serious or legitimate criticisms on the artists in any way.

      • Lol i actually enjoyed the perm rants, as I share many of the same thoughts as you toward them; if anything, I was amused by your comment about Jimi’s perm (but sadly, had trouble expressing that last night)

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