Inaba or Matsumoto? Take Your Pick

Following their highly elitist arena tour (I believe that’s redundant, however, seeing as these guys will never again perform in livehouses…) that wrapped up at the end of March, the B’z duo will part ways for the summer to pursue separate projects.

Starting off in early June, guitar monster Tak Matsumoto, who is well-known for his collaborations with western musicians, will kick of a nationwide tour in Japan alongside renowned American jazz guitarist Larry Carlton. They will play around 14 dates together in cities Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Tickets are JPY 10,500.

Not long after Matsumoto wraps up the encores in in Tokyo on July 3rd, vocalist monster Inaba Koshi will be preparing for a 20-date nationwide solo tour titled Koshi Inaba LIVE TOUR 2010 ~en II~. Inaba has released several works under his solo project, all of which are strong pop-rock releases that will take the house down this summer, no doubt. Inaba will be on the road through October. Tickets start at JPY7,500 and go up to 10,500.

I’m pumped to see these guys going so strong the past couple of years. They had some terrific releases in ’09, including the mind-blowing Ichibu to Zenbu/ DIVE double A-side, and a full-length album, MAGIC. And not only are they keeping the quality releases coming, they’re balancing studio work and live delivery with mastery. The only downside to all of this touring is that it makes prospects grim for any new singles this summer…Although, I guess you never know, do you? J-bands have interesting abilities to defy the passage of time and release things that shouldn’t have been chronologically possible.

…By the way, if you haven’t stopped by recently, check out their homepage. It’s been updated with new pictures, etc. The guys are still some of the classiest, coolest rockers out there, for sure.

Image credit: jayz24

Video credit: tintintin9314

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