Sadie’s Dress Tailored to Fit Visualists

I do realize that this is a bit old on the ‘net, but I’ve been kinda overwhelmed lately, so I’m just getting around to talking about it now. Indies Visual hardcores Sadie have been pretty busy lately (relative to them of course). Their perfected levels of misery and angst are overflowing in the preview for their latest song DRESS, which will be released exactly one week from today (4.28.10). I’ve only listened to the 15 second clip 3 times and the melody line is already stuck in my head.

Honestly, Sadie is one of those bands who I run into every so often, but don’t really follow as much as I would like. When they do pop up on radar, though, I always like what I hear. I think their look is really cool, and their sound is strong. They are a pretty dark group, though, and their music can be intense.

If you haven’t seen the preview for DRESS, check it out:

The song definitely sounds powerful, and Sadie is actually still making gloom-rock (unlike some bands who we won’t mention here who have defaulted to disco…), so perhaps they’re the heirs to the Visual Kei legacy, thrown aside so carelessly by those other rockers who are already bored with Visualism as a whole…

Video credit: Direngreyvids


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