Nippon Crown, Dethroned?

The other day the news started going around about a summer single for GACKT, which was not yet announced officially on his website, and the details for which were limited simply to the release date. The mystery around this enigmatic summer single seems to have been undone yesterday evening, with the announcement appearing all over Japanese online news sources, that there’s quite a bit more than just a new release to announce for the rock god.

Everyone who knows GACKT will be, I’m sure, equally familiar with the name “Nippon Crown”, that is, the noble tagline of the Jrock King– his royal record label. However, it seems that they have abdicated (and by that I mean GACKT dethroned them), as news declares that GACKT will leave Nippon Crown as his distribution company and move to the well-known AVEX label. Although GACKT attended a press-conference yesterday, presumably to discuss the topic, no official announcements have been made on his website, so it seems likely that the information was leaked prematurely.

It is worth mentioning that unlike kingly Nippon Crown, the AVEX group will most likely encourage a wider range of international activities and releases, and will give GACKT a wider reach in regards to world domination. One of the articles hints at a possible European tour being in the works for Summer ’10, but I would like to counter that by reminding everyone (we are all highly agitated about this, I know, but still) that GACKT is already cramming both the YFC tour and Nemuri into every possible chronological nook and cranny this summer, therefore despite the thrill of that suggestion, it seems highly unlikely.

The single, to be releases June 16th, will be GACKT’s debut release with AVEX.

I would like to thank Ryuutatsu for tipping me off about this, and credit GACKT ARMY and the Dears Community, at LiveJournal, and Tokyograph.


7 responses to “Nippon Crown, Dethroned?

  1. I do worry just a bit about his move to Avex. I hope his music will remain as unique as its always been and not fall into the ALWAYS mainstream category. Avex can do bad things to good artists sometimes. However, I have much more faith in GACKT than that.

    • Hmm, well, I understand your concern, and I do think that there is a certain degree of uncertainty in regards to how this will effect GACKT and his work…However, I also do not believe that GACKT is the kind of artist who will really roll over for any label, be it AVEX or Crown. He has a pretty good level of control over his work and how he does things (not to imply at all that I think he’s completely uninfluenced by marketing and the distributors by any means).
      I always just stick by GACKT and his bizarre decisions no matter what– there have been many “…oh no, what have you done?” moments for me while watching his moves, and after a while, I realized that the best thing we can do is just let go of any expectation or idea about what will happen. Seeing as we won’t know until it’s hit us, there’s no point in worrying.
      Take it easy++

  2. Uneasy about label change? Me too, but if I recall, GACKT already worked with avex when it came to the Kamen Rider Decade songs. Those songs were good so avex will probably give GACKT the right treatment and let him do his thing his way. Can’t wait for that summer single.

    • Although I understand the reasons for unease, and for the most part, I share them, I still find it interesting that there is so much concern and confusion among fans in regards to this news. Namely, the fact that people are worried, as opposed to excited, that GACKT is making developments in his career. If I recall correctly, sometime around the new year many people were giving a lot of hype to the rumor that GACKT would be retiring this year. It is actually turning out to be quite the opposite; changing labels to Avex may be a breath of fresh air to GACKT’s work, and be a second-wind, as it were. In regards to RRII, he did make several comments about how his Visualive project is still just an experiment, and that would lead to the supposition that he may be considering greater projects that require a wider reach [which perhaps Crown can’t supply].
      I agree with keyinjpop saying “Those songs were good so avex will probably give GACKT the right treatment and let him do his thing his way.”
      I’m really looking forward to the new single as well! If it comes at all close to Setsugekka in quality and badass factor, then I’ll be totally satisfied. If not…well, I guess I should keep my eye out for pitchforks and torches.

      Thanks for putting your thoughts on the topic out there. This is kind of the biggest thing this season, and it’s cool to hear people’s opinions on it.
      Take it easy++

  3. He always makes the best decisions so “administrator” of this blog is right in many ways. Gackt will always come out ontop. As gifted and smart as he is he will overcome and make the best decision possible for good reason. Best is not to question this yet better support gackt.

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