GACKT Single Should Be Summer Stunner

GACKT to release new single on June 16th. All details are still pending, but it has been announced that the single will have 2 songs (plus the instrumental versions). The limited edition will include a DVD and a mysterious bonus item, all subject to change. Check back in closer to the release date for more concrete information. I’m totally pumped for this.

Although I felt somewhat disappointed by the later two Kamen Rider releases, his December release, Setsugekka~The End of Silence~ was a work of pure genius. It totally took the crown from all of the anniversary releases and the Decade stuff (but don’t get me wrong, I thought the anniversary releases were awesome as well). Although I’m somehow surprised by this new development, I think that by the time June rolls around we’ll all be ready for some new GACKT.

I have high hopes for Jrock at large this summer. As the weather heats up, I sure hope that Visual Kei and Jrock releases follow suit. Generally I have felt pretty let-down by a lot of what has hit shelves– and although I’m ready to roll with second-chances and everything, I’m hoping that a new heat wave will hit us with something truly stunning from the get-go.

I will be updating as soon as more information is available.

Source: CDJ


2 responses to “GACKT Single Should Be Summer Stunner

  1. This is really a great news. Can’t wait for the time to come.
    Btw I really agreed with your some of comments. Setsugekka was truly a masterpiece released by GACKT. Speaking of Decade’s releases, is not that bad IMO. And for the anniversary’s releases flower really hits the top, I don’t how to put words on the feeling I had for the song, but all in all it’s the rock song I heard in 2009.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty pumped about this. GACKT was so unbelievably busy with releases in the second half of last year, I finally got to the point where I felt he was overdoing it a little….But now we’re ready, for sure.
      The Decade releases weren’t bad, you’re right. JOURNEY was actually a really awesome song– I just felt that Next Decade and whatever the last one was called were just sort of lacking (case in point, I don’t even remember the name of the final installment). Which doesn’t really go to GACKT, as he didn’t write them.
      FLOWER was completely cool in every way. It had a slightly more mainstream feel, but actually, that’s one of the points I really like about it. It’s such an honest hard-rock song, and the lyrics/melody are wicked strong. Definitely a favorite.

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