A9 Back to the Future

It would seem that the first round of the 2010 tours are starting to wrap up here, with a few carrying on until the end of this month. Many of the summer tours have already been announced, but it would appear that there are still plenty coming. Today’s draw is a double announcement from danceable visual princelings Alice Nine. The pretty boys will release a new single on August 4th (details pending), and they will hit Japan with another tsunami of a tour, this time spanning across four months.

It looks like the boys are also sporting a slightly more mature look lately. I believe this was the look that was used for the CDJapan special offer last month, and is now featured on their MySpace and official website.

Alice Nine Summer Tour 2010 : “FLASH LIGHT from the past”

July 5th @ Shibuya O-EAST
July 10th @ Niigata LOTS
July 12th @ Sapporo PENNY LANE 24
July 13th @ Sapporo PENNY LANE 24
July 15th @ Hakodate club COCOA
July 19th @ Yokohama BAY HALL
July 21st @ Kashiwa PALOOZA
July 25th @ Live House Hamamatsu Madowaku
July 28th @ Ebisu LIQUIDROOM
July 31st @ Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX
August 1st @ Toyama club MAIRO
August 10th @ Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO
August 12th @ Kyoto FANJ
August 14th @ Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
August 15th @ Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
August 18th @ Sendai darwin
August 19th @ Sendai darwin
August 24th @ Shinagawa Stellarball
September 15th @ Kooriyama Hip Shot Japan
September 17th @ Aomori QUARTER
September 19th @ Kanazawa AZ
September 20th @ Fukui Hibiki no Hall
September 22th @ Kobe VARIT.
September 24th @ Takamatsu Olive Hall
September 25th @ Kouchi BAY5 SQUARE
October 5th @ Namba Hatch
October 9th @ Okayama CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM
October 11th @ Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS
October 13th @ Zepp Nagoya
October 17th @ Zepp Sendai

Standing tickets (advance): 4750 yen. Seated tickets: 5250 yen.

January 6th (’11) TOUR FINAL “TOKYO GALAXY” @Nippon Budoukan

Tickets 6300 yen (advance),  6825 yen (doors).

Source: Shattered Tranquility

2 responses to “A9 Back to the Future

  1. “It looks like the boys are also sporting a slightly more mature look lately.” Except for Nao…he is the exception. What has he done to his hair!?!? DX

    • Oh yeah, except for Nao. I thought we had reached a unanimous decision that he will never look mature… I think they call it the Flamingo Wings. It’s a rebellious response to The Perm.

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