Prefectural Cultural International Citizen’s Assembly Center (big hall)

Pop-rock group Remioromen may have a difficult-to-pronounce name (GACKT himself claims that he first read their name as “Remiomeron [remio-melon]”, and I have undergone training so as not to call them “Remiorem” anymore.), but these guys can rock. And rock they will, come May…and it looks like they won’t stop rocking until the end of the year. Now that is what I call an anniversary tour worthy of the ten years its celebrating.


05.13 (Thur) Yamanashi    Yamanashi Pref. Citizen’s Cultural Hall (big Hall)

05.14 (Fri)    Yamanashi     Yamanashi Pref. Citizen’s Cultural Hall (big Hall)

05.16 (Sun)  Chiba                 Forest Hall 21
05.18 (Tue)  Gunma              Beishia Cultural Hall (Gunma Pref. People’s Hall)
05.19 (Wed) Ibaraki             Ibaraki Prefecture Citizen’s Cultural Center
05.21 (Fri)    Tokyo               Eight Princes City Meeting Hall
05.23 (Sun)  Yamagata       Yamagata City Meeting Hall (Big Hall)
05.27 (Thur) Osaka              Osaka Intl. Conference Center (main hall)
05.28 (Fri)   Osaka                Osaka Intl. Conference Center (main hall)
05.31 (Mon) Tokyo              Shibutani C.C.Lemon Hall


06.01 (Tue) Tokyo          Shibutani C.C.Lemon Hall
06.04 (Fri)   Kyoto          Kyoto Meeting Hall (first hall)
06.05 (Sat)  Nara             Nara 100 Year Assembly Hall (big hall)
06.08 (Tue)  Mie              Mie Prefectural Assembly Hall (big hall)
06.09 (Wed) Gifu             International Conference Hall
06.12 (Sat)   Kanagawa       Kanagawa Citizen’s Prefectural Hall
06.19 (Sat)   Nagasaki         Nagasaki Brick Hall
06.20 (Sun)  Kumamoto    Agaki Daigaku Citizen’s Hall (Citizen’s hall)
06.23 (Wed) Yamaguchi   Yamaguchi City Meeting Hall (big hall)
06.25 (Fri)    Okayama        Kurashiki City Meeting Hall
06.27 (Sun)  Shimane         Shimane Prefectural Meeting Hall (big hall)
06.29 (Tue)   Kagawa          Takamatsu Alpha Anabuki Hall (big hall)
06.30 (Wed)  Kouchi          Kouchi City Cultural Plaza Karu Port (big hall)

[Do you think there are seriously “little halls”, or do you think they just want you to know that the hall will be proportion to the band’s greatness?]


07.03  (Sat) Okinawa      Okinawa  Meeting Hall (big hall)


09.03 (Fri)  Iwate            Morioka Citizen’s Cultural Hall (big hall)
09.04 (Sat) Akita             Akita City Cultural Assembly Hall (big hall)
09.07 (Tue) Hokkaido   Obihiro Citizen’s Cultural Hall (big hall)
09.08 (Wed) Hokkaido  Nitori Cultural Hall
09.10 (Fri)  Hokkaido    Wakkanai Sougou Cultural Center
09.18 (Sat) Shimane       Matsumoto City Fine Arts Hall
09.23 (Thur) Fukushima Kooriyama Citizen’s Cultural Center (big hall)
09.26 (Sun)  Osaka          Osaka International Conference Hall (main hall)
09.28 (Tue)  Tochigi       Utsunomiya City Cultural Assembly Hall
09.29 (Wed) Saitama     Imperial Palace SONIC CITY (big hall)


10.01 (Fri)  Shizuoka      Shizuoka Citizen’s Cultural Assembly Hall
10.03 (Sun) Fukui            Fukui City Cultural Assembly Hall
10.08 (Fri)   Tottori         Tottori~ Torigin Cultural Assembly Hall (Nashika Hall)
10.10 (Sun) Hiroshima   Hiroshima Cultural Exchange As. Hall (former welfare building)
10.11 (Mon) Hiroshima   Fukuyama Fine Arts Assembly Hall
10.15 (Fri)   Ehime             Matsuyama City Meeting Hall (big hall)
10.16 (Sat) Tokushima     Naruto City Assembly Hall
10.20 (Wed)  Tomiyama  Toyama Prefectural Meeting Hall
10.22 (Fri)  Shiga                Shiga Prefecture Fine Arts Theater (Biwa Lake Hall)
10.24 (Sun) Wakayama   Wakayama Cultural Assembly Hall (big hall)
10.29 (Fri)  Kagoshima   Takarayama Hall (Kagoshima Pref. Cultural Center)
10.31 (Sun)  Ooita              Ooita Cultural Assembly Hall

[I am getting incredibly awesome at reading Japanese place-name Kanji. This tour schedule is practically an encyclopedia of them…]


11.02 (Tue)  Fukuoka      Fukuoka Sun Palace
11.03 (Wed +Holiday)    Fukuoka Fukuoka Sun Palace
11.05 (Fri)  Saga                Saga Citizens Assembly Hall
11.06 (Sat) Miyazaki       Medeikitto Citizens Cultural Center (Engeki Hall)
11.12 (Fri)  Miyagi            Sendai Sun Plaza
11.14 (Sun) Aomori         Aomori City Cultural Assembly Hall
11.16 (Tue) Hyougo        Kobe International As. Hall (Kokusai Hall)
11.17 (Wed)  Hyougo     Kobe International As. Hall (Kokusai Hall)
11.23 (Tue)  Niigata        Niigata Prefectural Assembly Hall
11.24 (Wed) Ishikawa    Honda’s Forest Hall (Former Ishikawa welfare building)
11.26 (Fri) Aichi              Nagoya International As. Hall Century Hall
11.27 (Sat) Aichi             Nagoya International As. Hall Century Hall
11.29 (Mon) Tokyo        Tokyo International Forum Hall-A
11.30 (Tue) Tokyo         Tokyo International Forum Hall-A

[…Yes, I am tired of typing the words “assembly hall”]


12.05  Yamanashi         Yamanashi Prefectural Cultural Citizen’s Hall (big hall)
12.06  Yamanashi         Yamanashi Prefectural Cultural Citizen’s Hall (big hall)
[..They did these last two just to spite me.]

Seriously. That’s the longest tour schedule I’ve ever seen. And I never want to hear the words “prefectural cultural citizen’s assembly super plaza center plus (big hall)” ever again. I did, however, greatly improve my ability to read Japanese city names (and if you ever need help finding the sign for an ‘assembly hall’ in Japan, I’m your sherpa.).


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