Despite preparing a summer tour, just barely finishing up the RRII DVD, and spending 5 hours every day practicing for the Nemuri Kyoushirou performance that will begin this summer, GACKT still finds time to endorse coffee. He recently endorsed WONDA COFFEE~Wonderful Coffee~, and given that the three guys are sitting around in suits talking about how manly they all are, if I was in Japan, I would certainly start drinking this. I am something of a devotee when it comes to Japanese coffee– pair it with vending machines and I’m gone. Although I’m more familiar with the popular BOSS brand (which is also very manly), it would be hard for anyone -man, woman, animal- to resist anything endorsed by GACKT.

All three guys are very amusing– as heavily emphasized by the poor reporter girl totally losing it by the end of the interview.

Embedding for this video has been disabled. Please watch on Youtube!


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