When Yoshiki Runs for President, He Has My Vote

Rumors have been loitering around ever since Visual Kei legends X JAPAN did their reunion filming in Hollywood. Tongues have been wagging– lolling, you could say– about whether or not X Japan, who have been steadily relocating west of the rising sun would be making an appearance outside of L.A. at Chicago Illinois’ Lollapalooza Music Fest this summer. Well, tongues can snap back into mouths at last, as everything has finally been confirmed. The X-team will indeed be making an appearance at Lolla, at Grant Park in Chicago, on August 6-8.

The past couple of years have been pretty monumental for the members of X Japan. Yoshiki underwent serious surgery in 2008, and although he has recovered well, it involved time-out, recovery, and high-strung nerves on the part of fans worldwide. Meanwhile, ToshI made the name-change (from Toshi to a capital ‘I’…now that’s what I call transformational!), after finally concluding his much-too-long drama involving the creeper cult and bad estranged wife. After nearly quitting music and becoming a salaryman, ToshI reunited with XJapan. The band recruited SUGIZO (Luna Sea) to fill the long-empty part once played by Hide (RIP). Yoshiki has also been relocating most of the band’s activities to the West, with events in Los Angeles and Hollywood. The band has announced that they want to strike out new work here in the United States. I’m sure the Japanese aren’t happy that we stole their rock legends, but I guess it’s not really our fault Yoshiki wants to conquer the world. To hell with Lollapalooza, I won’t be remotely surprised when Yoshiki runs for president in the next election.


This is an incredible opportunity for American fans to bop on over to Chicago (it’s just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away, plus a $215.00 pass) and see this incredible god-father band rock out in new territory. They will be performing along a lineup of creditable western names (so popular even I have heard of them) such as Lady Gaga, Green Day, Phoenix, MGMT, and a whole slew of others.

Lollapalooza official website

Profile of XJAPAN


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