GACKT De-Perms for Samurai Spirit

Just as I thought, Japanese manliness and Samurai Spirit has no business being permed. Even GACKT can not argue that point, it would seem, as the perm-king proves the look is not permanent, and straightens it out for the Nemuri Kyoushirou press-conference held this week in Tokyo.

GACKT became the “face of Japanese Samurai Spirit” (my words, not theirs), as it were, in 2007 when he debuted on home televisions in the NHK historical drama  ‘風林火山’  [Furin Kazan] with the villain role Uesegi Kenshin. He was quickly accepted as being something of a modern-day samurai, and has led historical reenactment parades at festivals, and in March, appeared at the Koei Sengoku Basara Festival in Saitama.

Nemuri Kyoushirou, originally a series of “Jidai” novels (“時代” historical novels taking place in the Samurai eras) by Shibata Renzaburo, has been the basis of more than a dozen on-screen adaptations. The story revolves around a sleepy-eyed swordsman (‘Nemuri’ means ‘sleepy’) born from a Japanese mother and a foreign father. It began serialization in 1956, was adapted into film in 1963 and became a big hit. A total of 12 Nemuri movies were created by 1969. It was adapted into a drama series starring Tamura Masakazu in 1972, and again in 1982 starring Kataoka Takao.

Now, in 2010, the series will be adapted for stage, starring GACKT as the “nihilistic, sexy” title role (their words, not mine). Apparently, the Nemuri series has an enduring fan base among middle-aged and ancient people. It would seem that few young people are interested in the series, or have even heard of it. Which makes sense, after all, what with all of the upbeat shows these days starring Tohoshinki or whatever, who cares about samurai anymore?

That being said, I’m sure that the production company is playing its cards just right in order to make this the next big sensation (or at least the grandmas will enjoy the overwhelming machoness), by casting GACKT as Nemuri, bringing a whole new modernness to the character.

Apparently, Fans especially liked the special move used by the main character called ‘Engetsu-Sappo (眠狂四郎; ‘Round-moon Killing Method’)’. According to staff, GACKT has begun to meticulously ready himself for his role, and has started to build up his body. I’m sure Japan won’t be able to handle it when GACKT does the Engetsu-Sappo.

Starting in May, the play will be performed on over 100 stages across Japan, including halls in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Sendai.

Nemuri Kyôshirô Burai Hikae has been adapted by Endou Michisuke  (GACKTIONARY), and all of the music will be produced by SUGIZO (Luna Sea). Co-starring Tokuyama Hidenori.

GACKT said that he is really pumped to be taking part in this play, because the back-stage area smells good (…), and he’s looking forward to being surrounded by all of the beautiful female co-stars(…).Of course, it’s not a video with GACKT in it unless someone announces how incredible he smells. The woman who speaks after him says “Standing next to him…yup! there’s an incredibly good smell!”

Source: Music Japan+

Video credit: JIJIPRESS

2 responses to “GACKT De-Perms for Samurai Spirit

    • I know. It would be really strange yet awesome to see GACKT performing in an actual play. I have no idea if they have plans to film this and broadcast it or not, but it would be awesome just to get even a glimpse. I somehow can’t imagine it, but hey.

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