The Perm: Round 4

I can’t believe I am seriously still finding these…On the news front, GACKT (forget prom-kings, he’s going to be crowned perm king 2010) straightened out his prominent perm for the Otoko Matsuri (I guess this hairstyle doesn’t exactly promote Samurai Spirit in the Japanese male population, does it?) and Nemuri project comments he made recently. The super-straight black hair is something you don’t see on him often, and, to be honest, it’s a little shocking. Not to say I think it should stick around or anything (it should go. Soon.), but the more I look at GACKT with the perm, the more I just get used to it. However, if anyone had the fortune to see GACKT’s CM for Wonda Coffee, then you will be well-aware that he sported the worst perm-like hairstyle ever for that video. This should cleanse the palate:

I think this style is quite cool

This round is Hyde (VAMPS, L’arc~En~Ciel) from 2009[?], a closer look at Karyu (D’espairsRay), and (strangely) a glimpse of Korean rapper Outsider.

These are slight variations on the classic perms we’ve been analyzing thus far. Hyde’s is really just too much. Karyu’s suits him because it’s a very feminine style, and he has that face…the blue eyes, the soft lips…He could do with attending an Otoko Matsuri, that’s for sure.

Although this is a slight rule-bender, Korean rap phenomenon Outsider also sported a wavy perm-variation for his Maestro album…This is actually a really cool picture, and he’s really pulling off the look.

Photo credit:

GACKT – xrytalmad

Hyde – LoveInDeathsArms /Jassmine J.

Karyu – D’espairsRay Official Facebook

Outsider – ??


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