Kagrra, no Kai

Kimono-clad Kagrra, finally announced the dates for their summer 2010 Japan tour. In typing this up, I decided to keep the original kanji names as well as translating their meanings, because the traditional Japanese-ness is part of Kagrra,‘s unique style. It’s really cool that they have named every performance after a demon, monster, or spirit from Japanese mythology, in keeping with their unique tour name. For anyone not familiar with this band, they are a neo-Japan Visual Kei group, drawing on traditional Japanese culture and themes in their image and music. If you are unfamiliar with Japanese demons and monsters, see the footnotes.

Kagrra, + Pilgrimage Hyakkiyagyou ~ Kage~ / Night parade of monsters and demons ~Shadow~

-河童の怪-Mystery of the Water demon

8/25(Wed)Mito Lighthouse
[OPEN/START] 18:30/19:00
[問合] キョードー東京 03-3498-9999

-鵺の怪-Mystery of the Chimera

8/26(Thur) Sendai darwin
[OPEN/START] 18:30/19:00
[問合] キョードー東北 022-217-7788

-コロポックルの怪- Mystery of the Koroppokuru

8/28(Sat) Sapporo KRAPS HALL
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] WESS 011-614-9999

-パウチの怪- Mystery of Pauchi

8/29(Sun) Tomaomaki Ongakukan
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] WESS 011-614-9999

-豆腐小僧の怪- Mystery of the Toufu Kouzo

9/3(Fri)Shibutani duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
[OPEN/START] 18:00/19:00
[問合] キョードー東京 03-3498-9999

-袖引小僧の怪- Mystery of the Sode-hiki Kouzo

9/5(Sun)HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin (Saitama new city center)
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] キョードー東京 03-3498-9999

-大入道の怪- Mystery of the Oonyuudou

9/11(Sat)Nagoya Electric Lady Land
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] ズームエンタープライズ 052-290-0909

-茨木童子の怪- Mystery of the Rose-thorn Child

9/12(Sun)Umeda Shangri-La
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] キョードーインフォメーション 06-7732-8888

-海御前の怪- Mystery of the Sea’s Messenger

9/14(Tue)Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
[OPEN/START] 18:30/19:00
[問合] BIC 092-713-6085

-羅城門ノ鬼の怪- Mystery of the Demon of the Silk Gateway

9/16(Thur)KYOTO MUSE
[OPEN/START] 18:30/19:00
[問合] キョードーインフォメーション 06-7732-8888

-八面大王の怪- Mystery of the Eight-Faced King

9/18(Sat)長野LIVE HOUSE J
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] FOB 025-229-5000

[Tickets] All standing¥4,725(tax incl)/DRINK charge separate
[Date of sale] 7/24(Sat)
※Do not bring preschoolers.

++Kaggra,‘s Parade of Demons and Monsters++

1. Kappa no Kai: The Kappa is a water demon with a frog-like body, a bird’s beak, a bald-spot, and a turtle-shell back.

2. Nue no Kai: The Japanese version of the chimera monster has a monkey’s head, a tanuki’s body, tiger’s limbs, and a snake’s tail.

3. Koropokkuru no Kai: Koropokkuru, mythical Ainu dwarf characters.

4. Pauchi no Kai: Pauchi Kamui is an evil spirit in Ainu mythology that descended to earth to plague humanity with insanity, stomach ailments, food poisoning, seizures, and frenzied dancing.

5. Toufu Kouzo no Kai: Kouzo is a young kid, especially a young Buddhist priest, so a toufu kouzo is a young Buddhist priest of the toufu.

6. Sode hiki Kouzo no Kai: The sleeve-pulling squirt.

7. Oonyuudou no Kai: A giant.

Kagrra,‘s latest single, Shiki

++Source: Official Website++

Video credit: nicosug7


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