Tetsuya’s R’ockin R’oulette

Have you ever gone gambling before? Well, here’s your chance to gamble and win. On May 19th, L’arc~En~Ciel bassist, Creature Creature partner, and solo-artist Tetsuya will release a brand new single, Roulette.
Roulette / TETSUYA

Tetsuya, who was previously solo as “Tetsu69”, first started making his voice heard (literally) to L’arc fans with the L’arc~En~Ciel mirror project  P’unk~En~Ciel which appeared as b-sides and other-versions on singles and albums. P’unk~En~Ciel showcased L’arc members’ variety and talents by rearranging the roles of its members. Hyde switched off to guitar, and Tetsuya took over the vocals. The sound also changed to something much more punk and indie feeling. My first introduction to P’unk stuff was the song I Wish, which I thought was way too catchy and awesome. I didn’t get full Tetsu exposure until I found his solo album (Suite November) in a used CD shop in Japan. It’s a mellow, but great, collection of chill punk-pop that any Tetsu or L’arc fan should own.


In 2009, Tetsu turned 40 (yeah, he still looks younger than most 20 year olds), and (although I’m not sure whether the two events are related or not) dropped the slightly sketchy Tetsu69 stagename and went straight with “Tetsuya”. Roulette will be his first single under the name Tetsuya.

Here’s a preview of the new song, and a follow-up talk with Tetsuya:

Video credit: adadeoh, Yannh

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