Dasu Dasu GACKT

Today marks the release of GACKT’s latest live tour DVD: Visualive Arena Tour 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II ~ Chinkon to Saisei.


The DVD goes for JPY 7,000 ($70.90 [price subject to fluctuation due to currency conversion]), is region 2 encoded (Japan, Middle East, Europe, South Africa), and includes 3 discs. Although there are no subtitles on songs or MC portions of the film, I have heard it noted that the documentary portions are subtitled in English. Awesome!

The DVD shows footage from the July 12th, 2009 Final performance of the RRII tour that spanned late 2008 through 2009, with a massive slew of arenas and dates all across Japan. The Final was held at the Saitama Super Arena, and was a fan-club members only live.

Shot from a Korean TV program(?)

GACKT stated somewhere around the release of the DVD that he would like to do something along the lines of renting a movie-theater and showing RRII to fans. Well, he actually did rent movie-theaters out and did an official showing to fans. He called it the “GACKT VISUALIVE SURROUND ALLNITE PARTY REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE II FILMS -I am DASUDASU-SAGI!!!-“* (I know, it is a lot of capitalized random words). He did a showing on March 26th at the Shinjuku Piccadilly, and on the same date at Dino’s Cinemas Sapporo. Tickets were JPY 2,000 (around $20.90), and the showing lasted exactly 4 hours.

Now you can have your own private viewing at a cinema near you (AKA your house). I know, I know…It’s not as fun as queuing up at midnight to spend the next 4 hours watching RRII surrounded by a bunch of crazed Japanese fans in Tokyo…But hey.

If you have your copy, I would definitely be interested in what anyone has to say about his latest work. He’s definitely made some changes, and from the few clips of this great big disc collection that I’ve seen around, it looks like his lives have changed quite a bit since Diabolos.  And if you don’t have it yet, I hope it’s because it’s still in the mail!
GACKT Visualive Arena Tour 2009 Requiem Et Reminiscence II Final Chinkon To Saisei / GACKT

He's come a long way...

*- Note: Dasu Dasu Sagi is Japanese for “Is it coming out- Is it coming out- Scam” and is, how did you guess?, a type of scam. GACKT postponed the release of RRII so many times (around three times) that finally the media started attacking him, claiming that he had run out of money and wasn’t actually going to release the DVD, even though he said he was. There was much drama about it, and finally, the DVD has been released, so GACKT is responding with some wry humor by calling the official showing of the footage DASU DASU SAGI. Take that, Japanese media.


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