Colonel GACKT

2009 tour

GACKT’s 2010 tour has been announced and confirmed, and the dates have been released! For anyone who hasn’t heard the latest news– after the release of this information, GACKT was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the busiest man on Planet Earth. Not really…but honestly, I think we all know it’s just a matter of time.

The tour, the name of which is credit to his rampaging creativity (or lunacy), is the strangest to date : YFC Yellow Fried Chickens. The logo for the tour is my favorite part of the whole thing…Colonel GACKT. The man is going to be a fried chicken if he’s not careful.

The tour is fan-club only, and tickets are sold on a lottery system (he always does this, because his fan-club is too enormous). For anyone unfamiliar with this system, it is a common way of choosing who will be able to purchase tickets to concerts. Unlike most lives where you just go to the local convenience store and buy your tickets, you have to enter a lottery in advance, and if you’re lucky enough, they will contact you and you get to buy the tickets. Usually tours have lottery dates and regular ticket dates.

Although this tour was announced in correlation to the Otoko Matsuri (Men’s Festival) that took place last week, women are also allowed to attend the YFC tour. Unlike GACKT’s typical tours, all of the lives will be held in livehouses (smaller venues/clubs), rather than arenas.

●Zepp Tokyo
2010/6/10(Thur) 18:00/19:00
2010/6/11(Fri) 18:00/19:00
2010/6/13(Sun) 17:00/18:00
2010/6/16(Wed) 18:00/19:00
2010/6/17(Thur) 18:00/19:00
Seating:1F Standing・2F Seated・2F Standing

●Zepp Nagoya
2010/6/21(Mon) 18:00/19:00
2010/6/22(Tue) 18:00/19:00
2010/6/24(Thur) 18:00/19:00
2010/6/25(Fri) 18:00/19:00
Seating:1F Standing・2F Seated・2F Standing

●Zepp Fukuoka
2010/6/28(Mon) 18:00/19:00
2010/6/29(Tue) 18:00/19:00
2010/7/01(Thur) 18:00/19:00
2010/7/02(Fri) 18:00/19:00
Seating:1F Standing・2F Seated

●Zepp Osaka
2010/07/04(Sun) 17:00/18:00
2010/07/06(Tue) 18:00/19:00
2010/07/07(Wed) 18:00/19:00
2010/07/09(Fri) 18:00/19:00
Seating:1F Standing・2F Seated

●Zepp Sendai
2010/08/11(Wed) 18:00/19:00
2010/08/12(Thur) 18:00/19:00
2010/08/14(Sat) 17:00/18:00
2010/08/15(Sun) 17:00/18:00
Seating:1F Standing・2F Seated・2F Standing

●Zepp Sapporo
2010/08/17(Tue) 18:00/19:00
2010/08/19(Thur) 18:00/19:00
2010/08/20(Fri) 18:00/19:00
Seating:1FStanding・2F Seated

Tickets:¥7,800(tax-included) (Drink charge separate)

Source: Official website

Translation: gacktpause


2 responses to “Colonel GACKT

  1. I definitely laughed at the whole “yellow fried chicken” thing. Its a bit hard to take something so funny like that seriously.

    GACKT is going to be really occupied for the next few months, so it seems, so we may be waiting a while for a new single. That’s fine by me, as he put out enough over the last year to keep me entertained.

    • Heh, well, after a while I finally just got used to the fact that GACKT is the kind of person who can wear horrible gray tracksuits, sport perms, and name his tours Yellow Fried Chickens, and still manage to come across as way cooler than anyone else. I think, in fact, that it attributes somehow to his machoness. After all, few people have the confidence to appear on stage in harem pants and orange jumpsuits and dance around with aliens and giant cats and trust that it won’t hurt their perfect image.

      I doubt any new releases are in the wings. Not only is he doing this tour, and the Nemuri project, he’s just now releasing the RRII DVD, and I think a YFC DVD will be released as well (for fan-club members only). Really, you’re right– GACKT needs to just cool it and let his inspiration fill back up before any new music is made.

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