D’espairs Dances On

The full PV for D’espairsRay new single LOVE IS DEAD hit youtube a few hours ago. I have to admit, I haven’t listened to these guys in ages, and I’ve basically only heard clips of most of their new stuff. Seeing this video definitely inspired me to get back into D’espairs‘ stuff, so for that I’m glad.

 The video is pretty cool. Note how the band-members don’t actually wear the bird-masks, but pass them off to backup people. You also hardly see anyone but Hizumi, though, and a few glimpses of Tsukasa rockin’ out. Maybe Zero is embarrassed about the hash his makeup person made of his innocent eyebrows.

 I’m not sure where this electronica/dance Visual Kei trend is coming from, but, as I already mentioned the other day, it’s hitting quite a few releases this quarter. We all know PSC boys alice nine. have always done this stuff, but lately it’s been the vets, like BUCK-TICK and now D’espairsRay. Which seems sort of strange. I’m not complaining, though. I find it really refreshing, especially since I am not the kind of person who uses “different” synonymously with “bad”.  I say keep it coming, it’s about time people started branching out and doing some fun and different things.

Video Credit: YukariKisaki

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