After much drama, several prolongments of release dates, and a lot of commentary from a lot of people on the subject, it’s finally coming out. The DVD of the year. That’s right, this month you, too, can watch GACKT’s latest live tour, Visualive Tour Requiem et Reminiscence II…and you don’t have to go to Japan to do it (sorry).

 Here’s the official preview on G’s website




2 responses to “RECEIVE IN YOUR HANDS

    • Hmm, well, GACKT had to respond to a lot of hate-press about this subject. He kept justifying pushing the release date forward over and over by saying that it wasn’t ready, and he wanted it to be perfect for fans. And then they pushed it ahead so much that it started conflicting with the schedules of staff/team who had other work arranged, assuming (based on previous information) that the project would be finished at least by late January. In any case, it’s definitely coming out now, so everyone can relax…well, as long as they don’t have to take out loans to afford the thing.
      The DVD will doubtlessly be terrific, though. The production looks phenomenal, and from the few clips I’ve seen, GACKT looks in top form. Although, have you noticed how drastically his vocal quality has changed in the past few years? Somehow the “new” GACKT singing the old songs feels incongruous to me. Not bad– not at all. Just, it feels somehow strange.

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