D: Please Do Samurai, Not Versailles

…That being said, however, the moderate “bleh” ness of the 7th Rose PV is sort of redeemed by new single Kaze ga Mekuru PAGE‘s PV. Yes, it’s one of those happy, upbeat with-a-Goth-twist songs that is faintly dissonant and mentally disconcerting to anyone who thought they had a firm grip on their understanding of reality, but that’s a good thing. ASAGI and co. look so much more badass in hakama and kimono than they do in poofy Hizaki hand-me-down prom gowns and super pasty makeup.

 Yes, the guitar riffs are nothing special, and the vocals threaten, at times, to lurch into the usual happy-D-song medium, but Kaze ga has a good vibe, and actually sounds like a confidentally composed song. In fact, it sounds like one of their more “Jrock”y pieces, with a guitar pattern that almost rings of GACKT…two artists I thought I would never dare to mix in one post. Anyway, the song is good, and the PV is (very D) elegant…

2 responses to “D: Please Do Samurai, Not Versailles

  1. I think this song was worlds better than “Day by Day” and even “7th Rose” but I want them to retain their own flavor without, as you have said, turning into Versailles. I like Versailles but D needs to be D. They have enough of their own image and don’t need to go borrowing that of others. Great work. You make so much more sense out of this than I do. Will you also be reviewing “7th Rose” when the album drops? If so, I’ll be anticipating your review!

    • To be honest, I couldn’t hum a measure of “Day by Day” if you paid me. But I do know it was used as the TS for a love-sim game, which really confused me.
      D has no business making happy-go-lucky songs like this, but I thought that, all bias aside, this is a pretty good Jrock song. Really, I can’t say no to SamuPan in whatever form. It’s not what D should be doing, but I always listen to music on a “good music vs. bad music” judgment, rather than a “what a band should or shouldn’t be doing” bias. It’s not a bad rock song. However, in my personal opinion 7th Rose sounded like the verses to about 3 different songs patched together in five minutes.
      Unfortunately Visual Kei is becoming a “flock mentality” genre these days, and since Versailles is becoming popular in the sub-gothica facet of the Visual Kei world, D (or their management) probably feels like it’s necessary to join the flock if they are to succeed.

      Unfortunately I probably won’t be reviewing this album because, frankly, I’m not planning on buying it. I’ll read your review before I make that decision. :D

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