D New PV: Bouquet of Hizaki’s Evil

New PV out for D‘s brand new album’s title song, 7th Rose. The title is also claimed by the nationwide tour the band just embarked on, starting a few days ago, to promote the album, and also new single Kaze ga Mekuru PAGE.

To be honest, I feel a little disappointed by the PV. Another haunted-looking Western mansion interior setting, with unflattering, ghostly shots of the band members, a fair dosage of boy’s love, and some suspiciously gangster-esque hand gestures from Asagi during his screen time. It feels low budget, and not in a grunge-cool way. Also, I heave sighs of deepest ennui to see Asagi jumping the devil-Hizaki bandwagon with the big red dress. Back before their major label asked them to become mainstream, the D boys pulled off drag in a really cool, covert way by donning corsets and Gothica with midriff baring boleros studded with buckles and general evilness, platform boots, and frilly skirts that could have passed as man-skirts were they not worn by super-bishi commando Ruiza.

 That’s not to say that I hate the PV– I don’t. I just find it disappointing that even these guys are jumping the bandwagon. And they were so cool and edgy…

2 responses to “D New PV: Bouquet of Hizaki’s Evil

  1. Oh well…i think 7th rose i sa masterpiece at all. They are back to their roots finally, more ..D than they ever have been. Look at all those mainstream bands…Deespairs ray, dir en grey…who are they now?! Wracked guys in jeans with no sense for music?! D are still brilliant, when you think it cant get even better those guys will teach you the right thing ;D


    • Hm, well, there’s not really a comparison between what D is doing and what D’espairsRay and Dir En are doing, as they are all at very different ends of the spectrum. In any case, I find it difficult to agree with your perception of these bands; they’re still leaders in the Visual Kei movement, and are testing out and reaching into different styles and ways of creating music. It’s still great stuff.

      There are definitely strong aspects to 7th Rose (although I can’t speak for the album as a whole, I can only put in my impression of its title track, and the few other songs I have heard)– such as the powerful and enchanting chorus, which I have really come to like. I still have a lot of hope and appreciation for the band, and I look forward to seeing where they go with their image, style, and music. I just hope they don’t (totally) jump the typical youshikibi bandwagon that’s so in fashion right now. They don’t have to conform to be noticed.

      Thanks for your comment! It’s great to see that they have such a strong fanbase, of which, I might add, I am most certainly a long-standing member.

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