a.b.s Crest Creepers

Man…I would give my left hand for a pair of these: http://www.blog.abs-web.jp/index.php?ID=157

 High-top style, rubber-sole creepers with the a.b.s emblem embossed on the tongue….?

 These are available at their official merchandise shop online, for about 62,000 Yen/pair. That’s around 620.00 USD.

Heck, they could have my whole arm if they threw one of these in http://shop.fanscope.com/abs/products/detail.php?product_id=66

(By the way, the Japanese don’t call them ‘Creepers’, they call them “Rubber Sole”s. You can buy normal pairs at Double Decker’s online shop. They ship overseas, and have good deals.)

I think they look quite cool with the argyle pattern, as well

For anyone who is unfamiliar with this unusual style of footwear, these are the shoes of choice of the Japanese punks and rockers. Highly popularized, in the past four or five years, by abingdon boys school, as you can see in the links above. They are sold all over Japan, in every style imaginable. From high-tops, to low-tops, to slip-ons, high-heels, boots, and sneakers.


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