“From Dusk Till Dawn” Lyrics

I’m on a roll. And, as they say, yesterday’s enemies are today’s friends. Speaking of which, I think I’m starting to get a hang of Nishikawa’s lyrical style, so things should just get easier from here on out. Just as a note, in the ABINGDON ROAD version of the song, Nishikawa sings the chorus once as an intro before the regular lyrics begin.

Song: From Dusk Till Dawn

Artist: abingdon boys school

Album: From Dusk Till Dawn (’09)

Lyrics by Nishikawa Takanori, music by Shibasaki Hiroshi




人は誰も 迷いながら 罪とう名の 運命を背負って
それでなお 生きる意味を 知るだろう

僕らは そう Day by Day 明日へ 続く道の途中で
Now Say It Again 君とふたりのまま居られたならいいのになー

何かを 失って 何かを手に入れて
消れてく 僕の心には


僕らはそう Day by Day 描いた 果てない未来の地図に
Now Say It Again ずっとあの日のまま居られたなら

限りある時の中で 限りない夢を抱いて
打ち鳴らす胸の鼓動が 君を呼び続ける
From Dusk Till Dawn

ひそやかに野に咲く 名もないき花びらの様に
そう Day by Day 明日へ続く道の途中で
Now Say it Again 君とふたりのまま
移りゆく世界に その足音だけを 残して


Kureteku yuubaeni suna ga osarete
arukidasu kage ga shimesu hou he

Taenai ikutsumono deai to wakare wo
kurikaeshi doko e mukau no ka?

Hito wa dare mo mayoinagara
tsui to iu nano sadame wo seotte
sore demo nao ikiru imi wo shiru darou

Bokura ha sou Day by Day ashita he tsuzuku michi no tochuu de
Now Say It Again kimi to futari no mama iraretanara ii noni na

Nanika wo ushinatte nanika wo te ni irete
Kesureteku boku no kokoro ni ha

kizudarakede aza ni mo nita hokorobi ga atte
soredemo mata hikarisuyousho wo mezashite

Bokura ha sou Day by Day egaita hatenai mirai no chizu ni
Now Say It Again zutto ano hi no mama iraretanara

Kagiri aru toki no naka de kagirinai yume wo daite
uchinarasu mune no kodou ga kimi wo yobitsuzukeru
From Dusk Till Dawn

hisoyaka ni noni saku namonaiki hanabira no youni
Sou Day by Day ashite he tsuzuku michi no tochuu de
Now Say It Again kimi to futari no mama
utsuriyuku sekai ni sono ashioto dake wo nokoshite


In the darkening sunset, sand pressed underfoot,
the shadow that begins walking indicates the direction we are moving

 Are we turning toward the cycle of endless meetings and goodbyes,
which are too many to count?

Despite their bewilderment, a person is, everyone is, burdened by the destiny called “sin”
Still, because of that they know the reason of living, don’t they? 

We are, yes, DAY BY DAY, moving toward tomorrow
On the path that continues on
NOW SAY IT AGAIN remaining together with you, it would have been nice
to live that way….

Losing something, and gaining something,
It’s being erased, my spirit
Covered in scars and bruises, there are too many open wounds to count
But even so we are aiming at a better, brighter place

As for us, we drew it DAY BY DAY, the map of the unending future
NOW SAY IT AGAIN if we could only live together forever, remaining as we were that day

Within the time that has limits, I embrace the limitless dreams
The heartbeat ringing in my chest continues to call out to you…

Blooming wildly in the stillness, like the petals of an unknown flower
Yes, DAY BY DAY moving on the path that continues toward tomorrow
NOW SAY IT AGAIN, remaining in this way together with you
Leaving behind only the sound of our footsteps, in this changing world

Translating is a lot of work. Please do not reprint without my permission. Have a correction? Email me and let me know!

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