BT’s Latest PV A True Beauty…

Finally something to blog about! The PV for BUCK-TICK‘s latest single, Dokudanjou Beauty, has finally hit the net. And, really, true to its name, this song is a real beauty. Although, like other veteran bands from the ’80s, such as B’z etc, BT‘s music has taken a turn to more of a crowd-pleaser feel. The benefit to being the greatest Jrock bands ever, however, is that this doesn’t necessarily take away from quality, it just adds a particular mode or context to the music. I must say, though, that both the aforementioned bands released albums last year (BT put out Memento Mori, and B’z did MAGIC), and I personally was sorely disappointed with both of them. That being said, though, they both released singles that were absolutely phenomenal– B’z really knocked my socks off with double A-side Ichibu to Zenbu/DIVE, and today, BUCK-TICK is cleaning the floor with Dokudanjou Beauty.

Finally a memorable composition, after the flat and rather same-ol’ feeling Memento Mori delivery. Not only that, but Dokudanjou Beauty is one of the sleekest, most interesting PVs I’ve seen in a while. The Spartan warriors and the sensuous, but dangerous, woman create a sort of Helen of Troy kind of feel, and I really like one of the final images when the warrior throws his sword.

Although Imai obviously still thinks he’s living in 1986, still doing the dance moves he made up when he was on LSD, everyone looks really stylish, cool, and creepily suave. Sakurai Atsushi is in his prime, despite probably being somewhere around 50. They pull off appearing like veterans, what they are, rather than the burnt-out rock-papas they were beginning to feel like in ’09.

Dokudanjou Beauty sounds awesome. Dark, and sort of a-typically BUCK-TICK, the sing-song lyrics are some of the most fun, hip, and mesmerizing I’ve heard in a while. Sakurai has some of the most interesting lyric-composing skills in the industry, and he puts them to good use here. He also totally redeems the perm (the most-scorned-by-me hair-style trend ever to hit Jrock), and even though I scorned his look earlier, even Imai manages to come off as cool.

The bass line is awesome, the vocals are super good (“Oh my god kami-sama!” has to be the catchiest line I’ve heard in a while), and the trash-can-lid-banging sound effects at the beginning cue you in for some BUCK-TICK power like we haven’t heard in a while.


4 responses to “BT’s Latest PV A True Beauty…

  1. I think the same as you! I was a bit disappointed of memento mori although recently I’ve started to like it after watching their last live.
    That’s true Atsushi writes very unsual texts or I should say he puts common subjects in different way. That’s why the fact I still can’t find the lirycs to the song hurts me.
    Now I know the reason of Imai’s odd behaving on concert etc XD

    • Vesalia,
      Glad you agree! I would also definitely like to give MM another serious listen to these days, especially as I may have a better perspective having heard Dokudanjou Beauty. There’s no doubt that there were some great songs on there, it just seemed to lack a certain something.
      Yes, I really enjoy Atsushi’s lyrics and, especially, how he puts them to music. He has written some of the most unusual, catchy, and bizarrely awesome vocal lines in Jrock.
      Is it the lyrics to Dokudanjou Beauty that you want? If so, here is a link to Romaji, Kanji, and an English translation

      Hope that helps!

      • When I listened MM for the first time I only liked Jonathan Jet-Coster, Galaxy and Tenshi wa Dare da. After reading the lyrics I took to the rest. But still Suzumebachi intrigues me the most XD Maybe they don’t lack something, they’re a bit similar sometimes especially when you hear it for the first time. I still have problems with recognizing some of the songs.
        What his lyrics do you mean exactly?
        Thank you so much! I feel I love this song even more now. Just lyrics to Voo Doo and I’ll be fully satisfied person :D

  2. Vesalia,

    I definitely think that songs unfold the more you can delve into them. Becoming more intimately familiar with the lyrics is a sure way to deepen your appreciation of a song, and, even, of a band as a whole.
    Therefore, to further emphasize your legitimate point, at first the songs may sound similar to you, but as you pay closer attention to the lyrics (or if it means finding a translation, if you require it in another language), or the particular rhythmic personality of the bass, or the individuality of this particular drum pattern, for example, a song which sounds like everything else on the album can suddenly blossom into a unique masterpiece. I have had this experience with many songs and bands, and as a result, I definitely disagree with reading books by their covers, or, in this case, songs by first listen.
    If you’re looking for lyrics to Voo Doo (?), just google it and they should pop up right away.

    Glad to know there are some serious Visualists listening properly. Keep honoring this awesome band with your close attention to the details that make them incredible… Hope to see you around more often!

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