”The BOSS Who Makes the Sound” (BOY’S)

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Posts from Friday, February 5th.

++The Boss Who Makes the Sound++

16:45 by STAFF

This is the engineer who supplies the sound tech at a.b.s lives!

He sits at the back of the hall for all of the lives.

At the present time, we’re in the awesome rehearsals, and again, today, he is creating an intense sound.

++For the Tour++

18:29 by RAGAA

It’s for the Japan Tour this time around….

It’s a guitar strap!

This one is SUNAO-san’s guitar strap.

It’s a custom-made red Les Paul that we received!

It’s a little difficult to understand, really…

At the time I was struck by the blinding realization that something that glittered and shone so brightly was really, totally cool!


21:27 by STAFF

At today’s live, the members were again FULL POWER, and as a result they burned out.

Together with everyone assembled in the hall, the members really filled the whole thing to its maximum capacity!

The feeling of everyone can’t be expressed simply through words. In order to experience this feeling, please come to the lives!


++Copyrights of the original work are owned by their respective owners. Translated by a fan for fans. Please do not use without permission.++


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