Abingdon Blog School

As most of you probably have figured out already, I’ve been studying Japanese for a few years now, and am a…diligent, devoted student who does nothing but fill my time with eye-sight-ruining, nose-to-the-page study….Okay, that was a fictional misrepresentation of the truth (AKA: B.S). But that’s how I would like it to be!

In any case, abingdon boys school has just hit the road with their second Japan tour, and consequently, various members of the staff are posting messages on a tour blog, BOY’S ON THE ROAD. I haven’t found any translations of this floating around on the net, so I thought I would help share the messages, as well as encourage my own study of Japanese, by blogging translations of the staff blog.

Translating is hard work, and it takes time and energy, so please don’t re-use these translations without my permission.

Well, I’ll do my best, as a student-translator, to present accurate translations of the staff’s messages. I hope you enjoy…and please comment!


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