Addicts To Get Their Dose of Vamps in ’10

VAMPS, the Hyde (L’arc~En~Ciel) x K.A.Z duo will be taking the world by storm yet again in 2010 after a mightily successful round in ’09. They have already announced a round of Japan dates this summer, and are promising world tour dates sometime in September.

They have many multiples of dates per venue, so I have formatted it in a date/date/date medium.


6.22/6.23 +Niigata LOTS

6.26/6.27 +Kochi BAY 5 SQUARE

6.29/6.30 +Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO

7.2/7.3/7.5/7.6 +ZEPP TOKYO

7.10/7.11/7.13/7.14/7.16/7.17 +ZEPP SENDAI

7.24/7.25/7.27/7.28 +ZEPP SAPPORO

8.5/8.6/8.8/8.9/8.11/8.12 +ZEPP NAGOYA

8.15/8.16/8.18/8.19 +ZEPP FUKUOKA

8.25/8.26/8.28/8.29/8.31/9.1 +ZEPP OSAKA

9.8/9.9/9.11/9.12/9.14/9.15 +ZEPP TOKYO

Source: Official Website


4 responses to “Addicts To Get Their Dose of Vamps in ’10

    • Yeah, VAMPS is awesome. At first I wasn’t sure I could deal with Hyde trying to be all hardcore and everything (being familiar with him as a romantic with an emo wail) but the more I’ve listened to their stuff, the more it’s grown on me. If they come to the US/NY area (I know they hit it up last year), I’ll definitely make an effort to see them. Plus, Ju-Ken, one of my favorite bassists in Jrock, toured with them last year, and if he’s with them again this time, it’d be worth going just to see him live.

  1. I love Hyde I can’t believe he is coming to the states again, I’m going to try to go see him.Personally I like Hyde in L’Arc~en~Ciel or Hyde better, but VAMPS is just as good.By the way gacktpause which show are you showing up at? Anyways thank you so much for the dates. There near my birthday maybe I’ll get a birthday present.

    • Hey Erin,
      I have to agree with you there. Although I like both L’arc~En~Ciel and VAMPS, and acknowledge that they’re more or less the two different sides of the Hyde coin, of course L’arc stands as the more “favorite” of the two. They’re such a Jrock classic that they can’t be beat.
      However, I do respect Hyde for branching out and playing with his alternate personality, and I think he pulls it off with panache. The music is just different, so instead of being something we have to choose between, it actually gives us the benefit of having a wider range within the same artist.
      Much as I wish I could, as of right now I don’t think I’ll be able to make the VAMPS tour, unfortunately.
      I hope you get to make a show! These guys can really rock, and with the release of so much new material, I’m sure it will be awesome.

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