Love is NOT dead!

In reference to our respect for Visual rockers D’espairsRay they got it spot-on with previously released IMMORTAL. Earlier this month the band released the link to their new official blog. Check it out! (Japanese)

Also check out the release information for their newest single, collaboration with a.b.s‘ Kishi Toshiyuki, LOVE IS DEAD.

The band also hinted on their official Facebook page that they will be making announcements soon(ish) [their words, not mine], one for Taiwan (that was the Megaport Music Fest appearance, which you can check out on my Lives&Tours information page) and one for Europe. And? And, D’espairsRay, AND? You mean three announcements right, because I haven’t heard of an announcement for the US yet!


2 responses to “Love is NOT dead!

    • Yeah, they mentioned it on their FB page a few months ago, didn’t they? One of those enigmatic teasers like “Oh, and we MAY have something awesome to tell people in the US EVENTUALLY.” (Don’t you love how Jbands do that?). Somehow if they do a US tour chances of them hitting up NY seem likely…or is that just me brainwashing myself into feeling better about it?
      D’espairsRay would be unbelievable to see live…definitely worth trekking to NY for!

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