First of all, I just want to thank everyone who has commented, does often, and will in the future comment on SG. It’s awesome being able to get your responses, and I really enjoy being able to see different opinions about topics, and discuss them with others. I have met some really cool people through this blog, and I hope that continues!

However, like anywhere on the internet, blogs get their fair share of spam comments as well. Unfortunately, due to how the WordPress system sorts and files spam, it can be difficult ascertaining whether a comment is an actual question/issue, or if it’s spam. Usually I like to be as lax about it as possible, but since I’ve been having some stressful times lately dealing with spam and hackers, spam has become more of a touchy subject lately.

Because of this, I would just like to ask that, if you want to make double certain that your comment appears on Secret Garden, please leave any comments concerning formatting/viewing problems, or issues and remarks pertaining to general topics on the CONTACT ME page in the sidebar. If you’re having issues or have a question off-topic from a post, this kind of thing is better off going somewhere where it can actually be dealt with properly!

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to connecting with you all, as well as new people, in the near future! Keep reading Secret Garden…



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