The Name of the Rose

I know, I don’t usually endorse other websites actively, especially forums. But my philosophy is based around constructing a sturdy “fandation” (yes…that’s a super horribly tacky made-up word using “fan” and “foundation”. Just remember, I’m studying kanji right now and, in Japanese, you can do that sort of thing!) outside of Japan. Yeah yeah, I know, Visual Kei has hit a niche market here– The GazettE, Versailles PQ, girugamesh, and Dir En Grey all have their fanbases here, thanks to pro-active international touring and promoting. But what about all the other awesome, up-and-coming bands that don’t tour outside of Japan? Maybe people don’t know about them very well because they haven’t toured outside of Japan much (if at all), and then, maybe they haven’t toured outside of Japan much (if at all) because they don’t know they have a fanbase?

That’s where, I believe, fan-sites and blogs can be so helpful. If enough people talk about it, create enough momentum around these artists, then that will encourage a much wider scope of VK fandom, as well as encouraging Visual Kei bands to spread their wings a little and visit other countries. Just on a side note– I have zero sympathy for the Europeans and Californians, somebody other than Dir En Grey come to New York!

Well, speaking of Visualist-to-Visualist formatting (I know we weren’t, but I always am), and up-and-coming bands nobody seems to know about, it was recently recommended by moderator/founder Harumi, that I check out her brand new forum centered entirely around Gothic phenom VK band D.

To be honest, I really never visit forums– but I’m glad I checked this one out. Not just a random “VK” forum packed with too much information about too many bands, The Name of the Rose is a veritable den of D. The moderators and users all seem really focused about making this mysterious Japanese information (as well as, generally, this mysterious Japanese band) available to D fans, and also make a great place for people to share what bits and pieces they’ve been able to cull themselves.

The Name of the Rose delivers all the necessary bits and pieces any decent forum should have– fan-art, random discussion, personal-media corner devoted entirely to one’s shameless self-promotion, news, scans, media, lyrics, and a thoughtfully added “language corner” to help those of us enslaved to the endless study of Japanese. There’s also a very useful and promising section specifically for translations, and I noticed that a few translated blog entries are already available.

Thanks to Harumi for suggesting this website. It’s great to see this level of dedication to promoting and discussing this band. They deserve it. Although still a new site, it looks like something that will definitely catch on fast, and be super fun and useful.

Despite being a new bud on the branch of the net, forum The Name of the Rose is ready to bloom. Head over there and check things out– if you found the forum through my site, send me a private message or friend request and let’s talk D. You know who to look for.

The Name of the Rose D Forum

Don’t know who D is? read the artist-profile and go to the forum to learn more!


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