SG Issues Update

As I believe ones attention to something further attracts it, I was really trying to get around talking about this, however, it seems it can’t be helped.

On Tuesday evening I went to sign into Secret Garden as usual– only to find that Secret Garden had been hacked into by someone, who had mass deleted posts, comments, pages, as well as destroying all formatting. Due to problems I’ve been having with Google and Gmail, I believe there’s a gateway somewhere there which allowed the hacking to occur. Thankfully, WordPress support is awesome, and by Wednesday morning Secret Garden was fully restored and back online. So, for anyone who was unable to access my site Tuesday afternoon/evening, I apologize, and this is my explanation.

I thought the problem was over, but today I found that my gmail account’s (which I use for SG emailing) password had been changed, as had my Gacktpause Facebook page (which I never use for anything, but hey, I’d still rather it not be commandeered by somebody else!).

As a result and safety precaution, I’ll be disassociating  my blog in every way possible from these other websites. I have also removed my email from the contact page, and will likely be using a different email from now on. However, as of right now since my online security seems so volatile, I won’t be posting it as a contact link. If you want to connect with me, please use the other sources provided, or comment here on SG.

Thanks for your support! I hope to be able to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.


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