Beautiful Buck-Tick is Back

BUCK-TICK and I have a bit of a history, and I used to blog about them quite often, if I remember correctly. They’ve been a bit off my radar for a couple of years though, not sure why, they just kind of drifted away. However, I will always owe, well, everything to this band– not only because they have written and instigated  a few of my favorite Jrock songs of all time, but also because they introduced me to Jrock. Yes, it’s true. (Oh sweet moments of reminiscence…made weird by the creepiness of the band I’m reminiscing about.). BUCK-TICK‘s Dress was the first Jrock song I ever heard, and well, you know where that led. So anyway, this band will always be a special source of nostalgia for me. Oh, not to mention musical appreciation.  Hmm…no, really…they wrote some bloody phenomenal songs. Muma~ The Nightmare is incredible. Terrifying, and not for the faint of heart, but incredible. …Love Me, Just One More Kiss, Romance, Kain…all amazing works of aural-art. I mean, despite being timelessly creepy, and most of their music being totally bizarre, the fact of the matter is that BUCK-TICK is one of the greatest VK bands of all time. It’s that creepiness (unadulterated by any association with what should or shouldn’t be done) and bizarre music that give them their wretched charm, and their immortality with fans.

Video: audio track Umbrella off of Memento Mori (’09). These guys have a timelessly funky, evil style that shows, no matter what they choose to do.

Anyway, wipe away those nostalgic tears. They released an album last year, Memento Mori, and did a nationwide tour to promote it. They’ll make another micro-come-back with a brand-new single, Dokudanjou Beauty. They have also updated their personal style for a slightly more modern look.

Image credit: SR Jrock UK

Gone are the streamlined and strict black suits of last year, and in…the fluffed perm that Gatsby agents are probably paying millions to have these rock-stars wear… I mean really. I thought at least Atsushi Sakurai, god of wearing styles nobody would ever touch with a twenty-foot pole, wouldn’t succumb to the fluffed perm favored recently by GACKT, Ruki (GazettE), Satoshi (girugamesh), and (unfortunately) others. Oh wait, this is a style nobody else would touch with a twenty-foot pole. Except they did.
Dokudanjo Beauty / BUCK-TICK

ANYWAY, wow, I’m really digressing like a mad person here. Well, new single Dokudanjou Beauty is being used as the GALACTICA Season 2 ending theme song. The single will be released in 3 editions, a regular and limited, as well as a super-ultra-limited version for 18000 JPY (around 180.00 USD) that comes with a special selection of figurines– one of each band member. Creepy. Oh, also, the super edition is already sold-out at CDJ. The single comes out March 24th.

On a further note, BT will appear in the March ’10 special edition of the publication Arena 37 C.

Here’s a preview of the brand new PV for Dokudanjou Beauty at Sony Music. (It looks like a bunch of gibberish, I know. Just click the play button, everything is already set for you.)…and the ending for GALACTICA


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