L’arc’s Immaculate Conception of New Album…

Although I really hate being nit-picky about things like this, I just can’t stop myself. What was L’arc~En~Ciel‘s wardrobe-designer thinking. I mean, seriously. Tetsuya looks like he’s going to some 19th century French gala, and Hyde looks like he just took part in some out-of-season Nativity. Is it just me, or does he make a really bad Immaculate Mother?

On the other hand, Ken looks very sharp in his rocker duds, and Yukihiro is really Kei-ing out in that evil-Visualist getup. If only that were enough to counteract the trauma of seeing one of the classiest and most stylin’ Jrockers dressed up as Mother Mary.

Here’s the full information for their Member’s Best Selection: Quadrinity. For anyone who didn’t get the original announcement, this is a special new best-of release for the rainbow boys. The album is a four-disc L’arc-a-thon, with each disc featuring 7 songs selected and remastered by each member. It should be awesome– oh, by the way, I checked hyde’s selection, and there’s no Hallelujah pieces.

hyde best
1. I’m so happy
3. flower
4. さようなら [sayonara]
5. Anemone
6. いばらの涙 [ibara no namida]
7. In the Air

tetsuya best
2. Blame
3. Time goes on
5. 砂時計 [sunadokei]
6. Link -KISS Mix-
7. あなた [anata]

ken best
1. 花葬
2. ガラス玉 [garasutama]
4. Coming Closer
5. 真実と幻想と [shinjitsu to gensou wo]
6. the silver shining
7. 虹(Album Version)[niji]

yukihiro best
1. a swell in the sun
2. cradle
3. drink it down
4. get out from the shell?-asian version-
5. new world
6. revelation
7. trick

Regular Edition (4 CDS): ¥3,980
Full/Limited Edition (4 CDS + DVD + Gift-box + Photo booklet): ¥4,980


2 responses to “L’arc’s Immaculate Conception of New Album…

  1. I love your title for this post. You’re dazzlingly creative, you know?

    I’m one of those anime nerds who discovered L’arc through watching FMA and it just took off from there. “Smile” was actually the first Japanese album I ever purchased so this band holds a reasonably special place in my heart. You can understand my excitement as I anticipate the release of Quadrinity.

    • Haha, thank you.

      Quadrinity promises to be pretty amazing. Not to mention it’s an incredible addition to their repertoire… 4 CDs of all-revamped stuff is a pretty generous gift from the band. This would be the year for “best of”s, so it would seem.
      I was a bit disappointed that Quadrinity won’t be a brand new album, but honestly, my expectations weren’t that high in that direction. I even wonder where the band’s going to go from here. Hyde seems pretty much devoted to VAMPS, and Tetsuya is pretty active elsewhere (from Creature Creature to his solo stuff, to everything else he does with everyone else). It will be interesting to see what happens for them.

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