a.b.s Japan Tour ’08 Footage

A clip of their Japan Tour ’08 documentary footage. So funny, as always! Can’t wait to see their Abingdon Road Movies.

Video Credit: sweettoadette


2 responses to “a.b.s Japan Tour ’08 Footage

  1. Video denied! I spit on the grave of YOU TUBE’s ancestors. When are they going to clime down off their google eye’d pedestal and join the revolution in linked media instead of trying to monetize every spec of sacred data. Aaaa, well, right. Sorry. I just had to get that off my chest. Great job, GP on the ABS Tour installment. I really feel like I’d made the flight with you and worshiped at the alter of ABS in the Jolly Old Blighty. I will definitely give in and push repeat on Secret Garden. By the way, do you think when these guys go to the Onsen they have plaid towels and soak in black ties??? Thanks for the wonderful words. Ja, bye, bye. The Doctor

    • Ouch! Sorry about that, forgot to give it a test-run to make sure everything runs smoothly. Will make a note to warn future readers; unfortunately there’s not much YT can do– if a user requests to not be embedded, then the blame falls on the embeddors (me). (Speaking of which, when am *I* going to climb down off MY pedestal and join the revolution in linked media?)

      Thanks for your feedback! It was really awesome seeing the boys live in the UK–wish I’d stuck around in London a day longer in order to happen upon them mid photo-shoot for the Abingdon Road booklet! Rats! Never seen anyone pull off looking so awkward in those hats before… Will travel abroad to see them again, for sure. So worth it.

      Actually, I know for a *fact* that these guys use plaid towels and soak in black-ties at the onsen….

      Thanks for commenting!

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