Beat Shuffle

Get your dose of hardcore Visual Kei this spring with the BEAT SHUFFLE LIVE SIDE 2010 event. The event has 3 scheduled dates in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo, and will feature D’espairsRay, Sadie, and others. The major excitement? Ruka of Nightmare’s new solo project will have a debut performance.


3/19 open: 18:00/18:30
NAGOYA ElectricLadyLand
The LEGENDARY SIX NINE, D’espairsRay,Jinkaku Radio, Sadie


3/21 open: 17:00/17:30
The LEGENDARY SIX NINE,D’espairsRay,Jinkaku Radio, other


3/26 open: 17:00/17:30
The LEGENDARY SIX NINE, D’espairsRay, Jinkaku Radio, Sadie, lynch., other
1st floor, 4,500Yen / 2nd floor (seated), 5,000Yen

All tickets: 4,500 Yen-except Shibuya- AX (see above)

Tickets on sale 2/13

TICKETS information (Japanese)

3 responses to “Beat Shuffle

  1. I saw the 3/26 show, and I have to say I was not impressed with THE LEGENDARY SIX NINE (but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… I am not a fan of rapping); however, I spoke to a few girls who were VERY excited about that part of the show. Unfortunately, I think they were disappointed because I don’t remember any of the people getting nekkid like they were hoping their NIGHTMARE guy would do. :/

    I, however, was there for D’espa and the chance to do my poor interpretation of the dance from 人格ラジオ’s “バンギャル症候群” :) Sadie and lynch. were good music, but boring lives…. mostly standing in place. :/

    • I definitely think it’s interesting to be able to get a perspective on a band through their performance, as mostly all we can do is glean some kind of sensation from the releases they put out. Aside from not being a fan of the rapping, did they leave any other impression on you particularly?

      Were the performances of Sadie + lynch. actually boring, or just the audience’s response? (I don’t follow lynch. so much, but it seems disappointing for Sadie to have a boring live, as their music and energy is and seems great [respectively]).
      I get a feeling that it can be difficult to find a perfect harmony between audience+audience & audience+band/music. The past lives that I’ve been able to attend were terrific in that respect, but I’ve heard some horror stories, as well as similar comments to yours, where the audience just had an unsavory response, or the actual performance wasn’t rousing.

      • Sorry… all I remember of L69 was the rapping and the fact that the promised stripping (guesses from the fangirls) didn’t happen. Maybe the guitar was impressive, but that was my first concert of 4 and the other 3 totally killed, so they kinda faded. :(

        Sadie and lynch. just stood there for the most part with some moving around by the singer. I like when the band interacts with each other… (I’m not saying they have to fanservice like alicenine, but I wish more bands would)… but even smiling and having a good time on stage is fun to see… and I don’t remember that. However, they did sound great musicwise! I’m a much bigger fan now from seeing them live.
        (also, it could be that I didn’t engage with them as much because I didn’t have a “favorite” that someone to look forward to seeing.)

        I couldn’t really tell how many of the fans responded to the show really. I was in the seats (not on the floor… bummer) and it seemed that the people who came to sort of listen sat in the seats… except for a gaijin I met who tried to sneak up to the front row to watch… NOT a good idea… that seems to be where the uptight higherup people are seated (and they seem to show out of obligation, not to actually enjoy it)… and a japanese fan of lynch… She totally had a favorite and loved hearing the songs. :)

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