Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

New mini-album by Duel Jewel scheduled for release on February 24th, titled WILL. Although album artwork and track-list aren’t available yet, we’ve been promised five all-new songs by the veteran Visual Kei band.

Will / DuelJewel

Although these guys haven’t really had their boom over here in the west, it’s not due to any lacking boom-factor! Perhaps simply because they have been overshadowed by more popular contemporaries such as Nightmare, they just haven’t found their niche yet. However, they know where they’re at, and DJ haven’t been sitting idle. In 2009 they released a best-of/self-covers album titled REVIVE, and appeared in several publications such as SHOXX and Rock and Read.

If you haven’t heard these guys in a while, reunite with WILL. If you’ve never heard of them before, check out my write-up on them.

Video: One of their first-ever songs, remastered for REVIVE: Tsuki to Tawamure. Pretty unusual ballad for a VK group; mellow, with a truly Enka-inspired melody line that makes for some experimental and unique VK pop.


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